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Wikipedia 20
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How to get involved

15 January 2021 marks Wikipedia's 20th birthday, and there are many ways to celebrate. You can:

However you celebrate, this set of links and recommendations can help you plan a great event, and get people in your community involved in celebrating Wikipedia at 20 years old.

Share a message or birthday wish

Birthday hashtag and sample messages coming soon (by December 2020).

Create your own Wikipedia 20 event

Do you want to celebrate Wikipedia at 20 years old? Great. Cannot find one near you listed on Wikipedia 20 Events? Make your own gathering and invite your community to join.

Wesıbyaye aktivitey

Wikipedia 20 celebrations do not have to be a party in the traditional sense of the word. Suggestions for ways to frame a successful celebration are coming soon (by December 2020)!

Finding a venue

Match the size of your venue to event needs. If you are having an edit-a-thon, you'll need internet access power options and more. Consider requesting public spaces for your events such as libraries, school spaces, or public gathering points. Galleries and museums may also be good venues.

Aktivitey Online

If in-person events and public gatherings are not permitted, consider holding your Wikipedia 20 celebration online. Tips for organizing coming soon (by December 2020).

Şınastiya aktivitey to

  1. Start by listing your event on Wikipedia 20 Events.
  2. Then consider sharing event details on your community mailing lists.
  3. Invite attendees to bring friends, colleagues, and family members along.
  4. Announce the event on social media channels, using the hashtag [coming soon] to help others find it.

Using or creating visual materials

Visual materials and instructions for how to create your own coming soon (around October 2020).

How to talk about Wikipedia at 20

Sample messaging coming soon (by December 2020).

Data visualisations

At your event, you can choose to display data visualisations as an interactive backdrop on projectors, televisions, or computer screens. They are a great way to showcase Wikipedia's data in interesting ways.

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