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Wikipedia 20
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What is the Wikimedia Foundation doing for Wikipedia 20?

We want to use this anniversary as a celebration of the 20 years that have brought us here, and share in the anticipation of what’s to come. We are celebrating how humans made Wikipedia what it is, and only humans can help sustain and grow it. We are celebrating 20 years human!

When is this taking place?

The 20th birthday celebrations will begin in January 2021 and continue throughout the year 2021 with different activities and a single, unifying theme: “20 Years Human”.

What is the objective?

Increase the public’s support for our movement by changing the perception of Wikipedia from being seen as a website, to a part of the larger movement, and celebrate how humans made Wikipedia what it is.  

What is being developed and when? (work in progress)

Tışrin 2020

  • A set of 20th birthday designs for unified visual consistency and guidelines for how to customize and make your own
    • Will be shared on Wikipedia 20 Meta-Wiki hub in October 2020

Gağan 2020

  • Press and social media toolkits with sample messaging for communities
    • Will be shared on Wikipedia 20 Meta-Wiki hub by December 2020

Çele 2021

  • A set of 20th birthday pages on
    • Launch January 2021
  • Press outreach and social media campaign
    • Launch January 2021
  • Tentative: CentralNotice banner campaign, if approved
    • Launch January 2021

Adar, Nisane u Gulane 2021

  • Continue the celebrations on social media and through press to remind the world that we are celebrating the 20th birthday of Wikipedia throughout the year

Tebaxe 2021

  • Celebration with the community members at Wikimania

Tışrin u Kelverdan 2021

  • 20th birthday event to close out the year of celebration


We are currently looking into developing:

  • Birthday grants to support community celebrations
  • Guidelines for holding virtual events
  • Birthday merchandise

Who is working on this at the Foundation?

Wikipedia 20 project core team within the Communications department, led by Khanyi Mpumlwana, Creative Director (vision lead) and Lena Traer, Creative Project Manager (project lead), with the support and guidance of the steering committee from across the Foundation and a liaison from the Communications Committee.

Project core team can be reached at wikipedia20(_AT_) or on this talk page.