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Get involved in Wikipedia 20

  • Join/host an event.
  • Talk to local press. A press release template and resources on working with the media will be available by December 2020.
  • Create Wikipedia 20 birthday designs. In place of just one, single mark, the Wikipedia birthday logo is customizable. Choose and arrange the birthday symbols to make your own mark. Feel free to use the symbols that are most meaningful to you, and of course, you can make your own symbols! Just use the visual guide so they share a common sensibility.

Del dine planer

Does your affiliate or organized group have some plans for the yearlong celebration of Wikipedia 20? Share them here to get others involved as well!

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Del bilder og videoer

Tok du noen kule bilder av din feiring av Wikipedia 20? Hvorfor ikke laste dem opp til Wikimedia Commons!

Del historier

Do you have an interesting story from your celebrations? Write a post for the Diff Blog!