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Wikipedia 201 Education Program for Advanced Users in Turkey

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Wikipedia 201 Education Program for Advanced Users in Turkey


Wikipedia 201 (Vikipedi 201) is a video training set project where experienced Wikipedia users will transfer their experiences to other Wikipedians and shoot and record them in a professional studio for later viewing. This project is carried out by Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey.

Video shooting was done at RGB Studios at Istanbul Bilgi University in Türkiye. The prepared videos can be watched on Wikimedia Turkey's YouTube channel and Wikimedia Commons.

The recordings of the project was completed as of January 2024. Once all videos are uploaded and English subtitles are completed, they will be ready to watch in February 2024.

Partnerships and participants[edit]

Core team

  • Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey - Kurmanbek (Caner), Zafer, Basak and Adem
  • Istanbul Bilgi University - Faculty of Communication academics and RGB Studios worker students
  • Translator: ToprakM


Video topics and their narrators are listed below:

  • Kurmanbek - Introduction
  • Zafer - Flickr to Commons, Wikidata language connection, Create a Wikidata object, Navigation template, Fair Use, Tables
  • Kadı - User roles in Wikipedia, File renaming on Wikimedia Commons
  • Sadrettin - Infoboxes, Categories and HotCat
  • Adem - Talk pages


  • To encourage people in Türkiye and the countries of the project partners to learn Wikipedia from the internet.
  • To create a guide for experienced users that they can use later.
  • To ensure equality of knowledge, which is part of the Wikimedia Movement Strategy.