Wikipedia Asian Month 2016/Pre-event

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New User's Involvement

The Wikipedia Asian Month pre-event is designed for new user's involvement, from 15th October to 25th October. New users to the Wikipedia are invited to edit Wikipedia and accomplish some simple task. Wikimedia Asian Affiliates will send postcards to those who accomplish the requirements.

Sample Page[edit]

If you have never edited Wikipedia before, this is a unique opportunity exclusive to new users to get a taste of editing Wikipedia. As you may know, everyone can edit Wikipedia!

Only Users who registered after September 15, 2016 can participate.
During the event, you can receive a souvenir postcard and a greeting from one of the Asian Wikipedia communities when you finish all five tasks (Before October 25th, 2016):

  • Register an account
  • Sign you name using * --~~~~ below
  • Check your Talk page and say hi to whoever welcomed you
  • Upload at least one photo to the Wikimedia Commons (can be about anything that can be used on Wikipedia)
  • Put your photo into an article
  • Make 10 edits that larger than 50 bytes (10 words).

Step1: Register an account
Step2: Event Guidline
Step3: Using talk page to say hi to other Wikipedians
Step4: Upload photo to Wikimedia Commons

Participate Sign Up[edit]

For organizer[edit]

  • We will use a tool to check if the user finishing the task so you don't need to, but you need check if their photo is in used
  • Make sure the new users are welcomed on the talk page, automatically or manually.
  • Make sure to check the user contribution and mark the user whoever vandalizing
  • Click the step 2 and translate the page on your local wiki, and make any necessary edits