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Wikipedia Commons Orientation Workshop is an orientation program for the Photographers, photography enthusiasts and as well as professionally viable photographers, Photographers cum writers, and article writers. This would be a combined process to bring new contributors for Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. A process to collaborate with Photographers, Writers cum Photographers, Photographer’s group, writer’s forum, clubs, and institutions to bring them under an umbrella to enrich Wikimedia Commons with professional level photographs and with good quality texts for the Articles of Wikipedia. This journey would start from providing awareness cum workshop on Wikimedia Commons and follow up workshops on Wikipedia.

Why not a contribution to Wikipedia?

Please come forward and donate your images and also enrich Wikipedia with texts with combined resources. When you are not selling your photographs, there is no point to confined the creation in the available disc space. When you are interested in Article writing or equal abilities to write and click Image, Please come forward and contribute. In human history, this is the biggest collaborative project ever. More importantly, Wikipedia is a truly global project and till date features content in more than 300 languages. So, unused intellectual properties could be reached to the high as ever. Basically, this is our simple appeal, Please come forward and donate and inspired by

Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge - Jimmy Wales

How to do it?

We think that the best way to do it, reach your own spectrum, where you can approach Photographers, Photography enthusiasts and as well as professionally viable photographers, Photographers cum Writers, and article Writers via your own network or exploiting social Medias. Collaborate with them by inspiring with the ideologies of Wikipedia movement.

Programs to be considered
  • Phase 1 - Starting Point
  1. Orientation Workshop on Wikimedia Commons
  • Phase 2 - Advance Level 1
  1. Advance Workshop on Wikimedia Commons
  2. Orientation Workshop on Wikipedia Editing.
  • Phase 3 - Advance Level 2
  1. Advance workshop on Wikipedia Editing.
  • Phase 4 - Advance Level 3
  1. Combined workshop on Wikipedia Editing and Wikimedia Commons.

Along with meetups and exchange of ideas with a single groups.

Join us

' Event Co-ordinator

  • Indrajit Das
  • Email:
  • Phone - +919831422555