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Wikipedia Community Schools Association Greece/Planning/2017

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Wikipedia Community Schools Association Greece applied to operate as a legal entiety by the end of 2016 and became one in 2017.

Early planning


The early planning of 2017 is given in the following table: Light red background is for not reaching the goals.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Activities Constitution: Legal Bylaws were already created by Nov. 2016 and got the first legal approval by Feb 2017
Startup: Accountant Approach of an accountant for startup after after legal constitution
Name / logo Already aquired since April 2016
Head office Was already approved to be hosted in Higgs since building of bylaws
Brand creation / public picture Corporate presentation Webpage material filtering, implementation of a better site template
Facebook & other social media facebook page evaluation and feedback by expert X
Leaflets, rollbanner etc. X
Procedures Guide / Management Procedures X
Organization chart X
Developing an Annual Marketing Plan
Staffing needs / Volunteers
Financing t-shirts from WMF grant, for one secondary education school Expenses for WMCON 2017 covered by WMF Try to partner and apply for a local or EU grant
Pilots Elementary Wikipedia School X
Train in a University X
Train in a library X
Senior citizens X
Conferences IAKE Conference in Crete X
Conference for vocational guidance X
CEE meeting 2017 X
Partnerships Technology organization for equity tools creation X
University archive workgroup X
Organization for supporting prisoners Successful seminar to train prisoners X
Corporate social responsibility for printed material X
Basic actions Kaisariani school for adults X X
Pendeli school for educators X X



Planning for the first year as an organization was not under any decided strategy or financial plan. Goals were missed. Opportunities filled the gaps. Positive result came because of the capacity and motivation. Work was done by consuming own resources.

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