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Wikipedia Community Schools Association Greece/Planning/2018

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The early planning of 2018 is given in the following table: Light red background is for not reaching the goals.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Activities Create Bank account X
Change in Bylaws X
Public picture More social media activity X
Press X
Festival kiosk X
Procedures Set strategy X
Organization chart + descr. X
SWOT analysis X
Internal code of conduct X
B.plan & Budget 2019 X
Pilots Wikiclub in a university X
Senior citizens X X
Vulnerable school students X
Municipality X
Conferences Wikimedia Conference 2018 X
IAKE Conference in Crete X
Wikimania 2018 X
CEE Meeting 2018 X
GLAM Conference 2018 X
Partnerships NGO - vulnerable groups X
University Library X
Basic actions Kaisariani school for adults X X
Pendeli school for educators X



Strategy was decided on the second year as a legal entity, on September 2018. Actions until then are considered as pilots to the strategy.

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