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Financial report

Wikipedia Community Schools Association Greece

January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018

Income Expenses
Fund balance (total) January 1, 2018

a) Cach January 1, 2018 43,36 €

b) Bank January 1, 2018 0,00 €

43,36 €
1. Μembership subscriptions 80,00 € 1. Rent (office) 420,00€
2. Donations (1 person) 411,16 € 2. Third party payments (accountant) 70,40 €
3. Various expenses 20,12 €
SUM (w/o fund balance in Jan 1, 2018) 491,16 € SUM 514,52 €
New fund balance (total) December 31, 2018

a) Cach December 31, 2018 0,00 €

b) Bank December 31, 2018 20,00 €

20,00 €

Membership subscriptions came from WCSAG members.

Donations came from a member of WCSAG.

Third party payments regard accountant expenses.

The rent of our office costed 20€ per month up to March 2018 and 40€ per month since.

Various expenses were for office rent stamp expenses.

All activity described below was offered voluntarily, for free.

Wikipedia School (long lasting courses on Wikipedia editing)[edit]

University of West Attica - Department of Archives, Librarianship and Information Systems[edit]

4th Gymnasium of St. Dimitrios (Athens)[edit]

5-month weekly courses to 16 gymnasium students (ages: 12, 13 & 14), as an official school program run with the assistance of a visitor wikipedian. Their professor was trained in the two-month weekly Wikipedia School seminar hosted by the Ministry of Education in Athens, in 1016, run by WCSAG. The blog page presenting the student's published work was updated. Students that will move from gymnasium to lyceum, in the next school year, asked to continue to participate with the gymnasium school program and it is considered to run the wikiclub for both gymnasium and lyceum students, if possible. Professor: Anastasios Paliouras , Wikipedian visitor: Manos Kefalas

Mentoring to experienced editors, in Kaisariani (Athens)[edit]

After Adult School in Kaisariani in Autumn, experienced editors met a few times more for mentoring, during 2018.

Adult school in Kaisariani (Athens)[edit]

March - May[edit]

3-month courses, twice a week, to adults. Local Wikipedia banner was used for calling to participation. Sessions were of 2 (several times up to 3) hours, or time was given after the 2 hours class for extra guidance. Participation is about 15 people at the beginning and drops in the following days to 12-10 and fades to only a few on the end of courses, with those really interested, who remain active. Adult trainer: Manos Kefalas

October - November[edit]

2-month courses, twice a week, to adults. Program participation was up to 1/3 of usual participation during Autumn season. Adult trainer: Manos Kefalas

Secondary Educators School in Pendeli (Athens)[edit]

3 month seminar to secondary educators, once a week, started in March in Pendeli area of Athens. The seminar is hosted by the Interorthodox Centre of the Church of Greece, in its library. The courses are under the aegis of the Ministry of Education. Program leader: Christos Nasios , Wikipedian visitor: Manos Kefalas

Senior Citizens School in Grava (Athens)[edit]

10 month pilot program, once a week, went on until July 2018, to senior citizens in Grava district in Athens. Grava is a somewhat poor area where older people are not particularly skilled with technology. Programs are being run in Greece to make senior citizens computer or mobile-device literate, focusing in socializing them through the internet. Wikipedia School had a different approach by enabling them to interact with Wikipedia, which was used as a source of knowledge, a place to contribute in the knowledge, as well as a field of discussion for several issues. Training had to also focus in technology skills like browsing, file handling, emails and sharing files. Wikimedia Commons mobile application was used with success for uploading pictures. An average of 12 people followed the courses, reaching up to 17. A voluntary organization offered refurbished laptops to the poorest. The senior citizens purchased themselves a projector to enhance the lessons. Grava's senior citizens Wikiclub has made a written request for the lessons to continue by next season. Adult trainer: Manos Kefalas

October 2018 - December 2018 (and open for 2019)[edit]

New year program start, for senior citizens. Program is divided in two sessions, one for Wikipedia and one for developing skills in computing. Over for 2018 Christmas holidays, will continue in 2019. Adult trainer: Manos Kefalas

Group training over the internet[edit]

Open calls for adult Wikipedia School participation get response requests for on-line trainings, especially for those not living in Athens area. Group on-line training has been proved efficient for up to 5 trainees. Program lasted for about two months and created skills and capacity for partnerships outside of Athens area. Adult trainer: Manos Kefalas


March 21: Panteion University, Department of Psychology, Athens[edit]

Workshop to psychology students: lecture on Wikipedia for its use as a social skills developing and shaping life attitudes environment. In the previous year Wikipedia School's education material was presented. This year, Wikipedia itself was the source of example. This is the third in a series of workshops that began in 2016. Organizer: Alexis Brailas , Wikipedian visitor: Manos Kefalas

Conference Presentations[edit]

Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, 4th International Conference[edit]

The conference, titled "Democracy, rights and inequalities in the era of economic crisis. Challenges in the field of research and education" was held from 27 - 29 April 2018 in Heraklion, Crete, in Greece. This year WCSAG participated with the paper: "Setting equal chances for everyone to share in the knowledge, via contributing to Wikipedia" under the thematic: "Vulnerable Social Groups, Minorities and Equal Opportunities in Education". (abstract: pages 143-144) We presented the innovative work of Wikipedia School, of developing and using tools to give equal chances for everyone to participate in Wikipedia. Special focus was given on user sandbox+ project tool. Presentation: Manos Kefalas

Conference Attendance[edit]

Wikimedia Conference 2018[edit]

Manos Kefalas - Report

Wikimania 2018[edit]

Saintfevrier -

Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2018[edit]

Saintfevrier -

Aggelos1357 -

Voluntarism Ecosystem[edit]

July 15 & 16, Kiosk and presence in VoluntaryAction festival in Athens[edit]

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User sandbox+[edit]

International Collaboration[edit]

User sandbox+ team[edit]


Stentoras newspaper[edit]

Full page article for WCSAG, in May 2018, in Stentoras newsparer. Here is the online version of the article. The newspaper is published by, a platform for finding jobs for people as well as promoting voluntarism.