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Wikipedia Election 2016 Project

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    This is a collaborative campaign to improve Wikipedia's coverage of Ghana's 2016 general elections.

    As elections approach, the Wikipedia pages of persons, groups, topics, events and places that matter to the polls will be browsed for information. This project invites members of the general public to help edit articles about the elections and politics and create new ones if need be. You can do this on your own or through our weekly Saturday events.

    Need help? Ask an editor through our contacts below.

    Wikipedia Election 2016 Project
    is by Wikimedia Ghana User Group
    Contact: wikimedia-gh@lists.wikimedia.org or teamwikigh@gmail.com Wikimedia Ghana Usergroup on Twitter Twitter Wikimedia Ghana Usergroup on Facebook Facebook page Wikimedia Ghana Usergroup on Facebook Facebook group Wikimedia Ghana Usergroup on Instagram Instagram