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Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos

The #WPWP Campaign 2020 is now closed!

WPWP Campaign implementations resulted in the improvement of over 90,000 articles with photos. See the campaign stats here

Below are the winners of the international prizes for the WPWP Campaign 2020 as presented by the Jury and announced by the WPWP Campaign International Team.

SN Uzero Kategorio Punti Rango Remarki
Kategorio A
1. User:Tarih Uzero di la maxim granda quanto di imaji 9 866 1ma videz
2. User:Dolphyb Precipua uzero di imaji 7 401 2ma videz
3. User:Lordgentual Uzero di la maxim granda quanto di imaji 7 104 3ma videz
Kategorio B
1. User:Elisardojm Maxim importanta uzero di audio 617 Vinkanto videz
Kategorio C
1. User:Elisardojm Maxim importanta uzero di video 185 Vinkanto videz
Kategorio D
1. User:Osenibabalola0 Precipua nova kunlaboranti 5 995 Vinkanto verify
SN User Role
1. User:Marajozkee Koordinero dil jurio
2. User:Ptinphusmia Membro
3. User:Olaniyan Olushola Membro
4. User:T Cells Membro

Winning prize by Wiki in Africa

  • Winning prizes for users with the most Wiki Loves Africa image usage on Igbo, Swahili, Yoruba, Luganda, Hausa, Shona, Amharic, Lingala and Afrikaans Wikipedias. More info here.
  • Premio: 100-dolara voucher (Note: To be eligible for the prize, you must have registered your account for at least 1 year and had made at least 330 mainspace edits to any language Wikipedia before 1st July 2020.)
  • Note: due to difficulties to identify images inserted during the contest AND whether they are also from WLA categories, and due to the limited participation to those languages anyway, we have decided to attribute the prize to the user who improved the most the above mentioned African languages regardless of the pictures inserted (but within the restrictions initially set-up, account at least 1 year old etc.). Prize renamed Wiki in Africa for this reason :)
  • Impact of WPWP on the above mentioned African languages and on Wiki Loves Africa images may be found here
  • Our winner is user:Anasskoko from the Hausa Wikimedians User Group for his contribution to hausa! Congrats to him!