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Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos 2023/Participating Communities

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Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos 2023

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Wikimedia Affiliate Communities


Please list your name, if you are interested in coordinating this contest in your Wikipedia project, by language, theme, and/or local community.

People who want participate in #WPWPCampaign 2023 can find their country in the list below, although you can participate in the campaign for any country, not necessarily the country you live in. If your country is not on the list and you would like to organize the campaign in your community, please visit #WPWP2023 organizer's guide. You're welcome to sign up below as a solo participant as well.

No. Username Community / Affiliate Wikipedia language Country Hashtag
1 Kambai Akau Tyap Wikimedians User Group Tyap (kcg) Nigeria #TyapWPWP
2 Azogbonon Communauté du Bénin Français Bénin #WPWPBJ
3 Ferdinand IF99 Planning_Wikimedia_Community_User_Group_Burundi Français Burundi #WPWPBI
4 ToprakM Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey Turkish Turkey #WPWPTR
5 George Levi and Romeo Ronald L Wikimedia Community User Group South Sudan Dinka, English Juba #WPWPSSD
6 Ogalihillary Igbo Wikimedians User Group Igbo Nigeria #WPWPIG
7 Beko Wikimedia Armenia Armenian Armenia #WPWPARM
8 Saifullahi Abusufyan Hausa Wikimedians User Group Hausa Nigeria #WPWPHA
9 VALENTIN NVJ Wikimedians of Democratic Republic of Congo User Group Lingala & Swahili RDC #WPWPDRC
10 KAG1LP2MDIAKITE Wikimedians of Mali User Group Français Mali #WPWPML
11 Filipinayzd Bikol Wikipedia Community Bikol Sentral, Rinconada Bikol Philippines #WPWPPH
12 Nevena Rudinac Wikimedia Serbia Serbian Serbia #WPWP, #WPWPSR
13 Abakar B Wikimedians Of Wikimedia Community User Group Tchad Français Tchad #WPWP, #WPWPCH
14 Ayokanmi Wikimedia User Group Nigeria English Nigeria #WPWP, #WPWPNG
15 Eben Mlay Wikimedians of Arusha Swahili Tanzania #WPWP, #WPWPARK
16 Violetova GLAM Macedonia User Group Macedonian North Macedonia #WPWP, #WPWPMK
17 Samat Hungarian Wikipedia / Wikimedia Hungary Hungarian Hungary #WPWPHU
18 Agbalagba Yoruba Wikimedians User Group Yorùbá Nigeria #WPWPYO
19 Geoffrey Kateregga and Baluku Brian Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda English Uganda #WPWPUG
20 Ola Mahadi Wikimedia Community User Group Sudan Arabic Sudan #WPWPSD
21 Hussein Issa Tanzanian University Students Wikimedians User Group Swahili Tanzania #WPWP, #WPWPTS
22 Geertivp Wikimedia Belgium Nederlands, Français, Deutsch Belgium #WPWPBE
23 Nskjnv Telugu Wikipedia Telugu India #WPWPTE
24 Vyolltsa Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group Albanian Albania #WPWPSQ
25 Ritamaliqi Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group Albanian Kosova #WPWPSQ
26 Musaddam Idriss Fulfulde Wikimedians Community Fulfulde Nigeria #WPWPFF
27 Baruch Omale Wikimedia Hub Enugu English Nigeria #WPWPNGN
28 B20180 Wikimedia Thailand Thai Thailand #WPWPTH
29 Kunokuno Wiki Advocates Philippines User Group Central Bikol Philippines #WPWPCB
30 Kano Tchapi Wikimedia République du Congo Français République du Congo #WPWPCG
31 Richard Sekerak (WMCZ) Wikimedia Česká republika Czech Czechia #WPWPCZE
32 Anai171 groupe Wikimédia de Madagascar Madagascar Madagascar #WPWPMDG
33 Cnyirahabihirwe123 Wikimedia User Group Rwanda Kinyarwanda Rwanda #WPWPRW

Solo participants


This section is for individuals who are interested in organizing the #WPWPCampaign in their local Wikipedia language or community in individual capacity. If you represent an existing user group or chapter, please add its name (as a wikilink to its page here in Meta), in the Affiliate Communities table (above).

No. Username Wikipedia language Country (optional)
1 Solavirum Azerbaijani Azerbaijan
3 Beendy234 Igbo Nigeria
4 Tea4life English Great Britain
5 DaSupremo Ghanaian Pidgin Ghana
6 Dharmadhyaksha Marathi (मराठी) India
7 Kasyap Telugu (తెలుగు) India
9 Pangalau English Brunei Darussalam
10 franorive Spanish Argentina
11 Yaw tuba English, Simple English, Ghanaian Pidgin, Mfantse, Twi Ghana
12 Clement Syuulu English Zambia
13 Martin Hipangwa English Namibia
14 B20180 Thai Thailand
15 أيوب العربية Morocco
16 Cnyirahabihirwe123 English Rwanda
17 Mndetatsin French Cameroon
18 Mukiza1 English Rwanda 🇷🇼
19 Indianite English, Urdu, Hindi India
20 Jyoti Assamese অসমীয়া India
21 Imran Hunzai English, Urdu Pakistan