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Wikipedia Usability Initiative/Environmental scan

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Attention: New project-dedicated website at usability.wikimedia.org. Please continue discussion and contribution there.

This page lists wiki projects and products whose usability is simplified and intuitive.

MediaWiki-Based Wiki Projects[edit]

Project Features Notes Links
  • Simplified section and category editing
UNICEF usability extensions based off of usability testing with youth in Tanzania, Africa. The UNICEF extension is now localised at Betawiki, the bugs have been fixed and it now runs against head.

See also Talk:Extension Survey.

All of these are under the GPL at wikia-code.com
  • Ajax Related Page Lookup
WikiEducator LiquidThreads

Interwiki table might be a good place to look for more projects.

Other Wiki Projects[edit]

Project Features Notes Links
MindTouch Runs on Deki
HDWiki Chinese wiki platform used by popular wiki encyclopedia Hudong. Developed because of (perceived) shortcomings in MediaWiki. Said to be open source, but unsure.
  • Website (You will need someone who can read Chinese)
Wetpaint Wetpaint
Confluence Confluence
Wikidot Example Site


It's interesting that Mozilla Developer Central runs on deki, Firefox Support on TikiWiki, MozillaZine Knowledge Base on MediaWiki. Perhaps these are some good places to make some comparisons.