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Wikipedia Weekly Network is a livestreaming channel and podcast network launched in March 2020. The purpose is to give Wikimedians a platform to reach each other with audiovisual content, and facilitate diverse content from the community.

The first episode for the network was on March 18, 2020. See YouTube video here.

Mission statement[edit]

Wikipedia Weekly Network is dedicated to meeting the information crisis of 2020 by empowering the Wikipedia community which was itself born out of 2001. We believe human voices are essential to bridging this social challenge, and we are all coming together now in a global Teach-In to share our skill, our experience, our connection across the world's free knowledge movement.

How can I help?[edit]

Host a show[edit]

We do want this network to be inclusive and diverse, but due to the nature of livestreaming we will have to do some careful preselection. A program committee is planned, but for now, contact the founders Fuzheado, Pharos or Ainali and we will discuss your idea for an episode with you.


We want to set up a website that can receive a RTMP video stream so that the livestreams can be watched without being tracked by a third party. Do you know how to do that? Please help us with it.


All the places we stream to below need help with the artwork. You can help by designing artwork that fits the style and the platform preferred dimensions and upload it to Wikimedia Commons in the category Category:Wikipedia Weekly Network artwork. Then leave a note on the talk page here so we know there is new art to use.

Where can I watch?[edit]

Livestreams will be done to the following places:

If you subscribe/join any of those, you will usually be notified when a new stream starts.

Later, shows will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons in the category Category:Wikipedia Weekly Network episodes.

Regular shows[edit]

Here we will list recurring shows.


We will start trying out Streamyard as a streaming service. This allows us to stream to several places at once, to reach the audience where it is.


Please contact Fuzheado, Pharos or Ainali to discuss how to get involved! Or leave a message on the Talk page here.