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Wikipedia Weekly News

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This is a dated page. The Wikipedia Signpost and Wikizine are mostly-humor-free implementation of this idea. The WWN sample is still funny.


This is a sample of what a Wikipedia Weekly News issue could look like.

Disclaimer:This is a creative sample--any resemblance to reality or truth is purely coincidental.

This is the Wikipedia Weekly News for the week of May 20 - 27, 2022

Welcome aboard, Britannica![edit]

The Encyclopaedia Britannica Company announced on May 26 2022 that they will be abandoning their traditional methods of encyclopedia publication, and will instead focus their efforts on reviewing and publishing Wikipedia articles under the Encyclopaedia Britannica brand. In making this transition, they have released the latest version of their encyclopedia under the GFDL, and their editorial staff will be integrating this material into Wikipedia over the coming months. Please give our newest Wikipedians a warm welcome!

Jimbo Wales honoured by MIT[edit]

MIT granted an honourary degree to Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales on May 26, 2022. In his speech to the graduating class of 2022, Wales emphasized the importance of balance between control and freedom in information systems, and how the open content and Internet collaboration movements played critical roles in countering the short-sightness of so-called "intellectual property" law in the early 2000s. Jimmy was well received, although Prof. Noam Chomsky said, "Personally, I think [Wales] is a kook-and-a-half on toast. Wikipedia is really cool, though."

Theme song flops[edit]

The Wikipedia theme song, "Monkeys at Typewriters", has been dumped. Although the proposal originally was received with great enthusiasm by the Wikipedia community, the actual song proved disappointing to most people. The final nail in the coffin was an email of complaint received from the Society of Intelligent Primates, whose membership found the song insulting. Wikipedians drafted an apology as no offense was intended, and invited the society's language-using members to contribute to the project.

Spanish reunification efforts continue[edit]

Wikipedia diplomats met with their Enciclopedia Libre counterparts for another round of reunification talks. English-speaking representitive Daniel "maveric149" Mayer said, "I think the two Spanish projects are a little closer together on this issues this time around, but sometimes I wonder if this thing is ever going to happen." The Spanish team has produced a report which has been translated into all of Wikipedia's active languages.

translated into English from Spanish

Another new edition of Wikipedia![edit]

Speaking of languages, the Tikar language Wikipedia is scheduled to go live on May 29. Tikar Wikipedians have already translated a large base of articles from English, Mandarin, Polish, Swahili and Esperanto, and a number of Tikar scholars have expressed interest in the project. This brings Wikipedia's active language count to 347.

Hardware and software status[edit]

  • It has been 12 years since our last lag; however, Wikipedia has again upgraded its hardware and rewrote the software (now Phase 23), because... uh, well, because. As a result, Wikipedia now automatically reconciles edit-conflicts perfectly. The software developers have already started planning Phase 24 with full AI capabilities. The usual suspects have started issuing their complaints.

Housekeeping?/Operation?/Wikipedian Activity?[edit]

  • Developer Breena Veebah will be off for the next 3 months, please direct concerns to Dleela Beeper.
  • Madonna and Cher joined Wikipedia, making them the 132rd and 133rd Wikipedian Hollywood singer-actors. Both have made public releases of photos of them typing up articles for Wikipedia. Wikipedia experienced major vandalism for several hours after that, but also gained nearly one hundred new articles -- not stubs -- within a few days, by newly registered users.
  • Former Admin Gelori has left Wikipedia because of an unreconcilable point of view.

Interesting new articles[edit]

Wikipedia Weekly News is colaboratively maintained by Wikipedians at http://meta.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia_Weekly_News. If you find some news of interest to the Wikipedia community, please write it up and post it.

Discussion and Motivation[edit]

Wikipedia Weekly News is an attempt to create a weekly newsletter for the Wikipedia project. It would serve as a summary of all the major happenings throughout the project, with pointers to more information. It would be readable on Meta-Wikipedia, as well as delivered via a mailing list. Ideally, it would be available in all active Wikipedia languages. The proposal sent to Wikipedia-l contains more details. There's an initial sample of what an issue might look like at WWN sample.

Things we need to work on:

  • a template and style guide that works for both a wiki and a text-only email
  • automated tools for sending and archiving the newsletters
  • ...

I don't think either of those two things need to be worked out before we start. All we need to know is: what day of the week will it be released?

Mid-week means we can discuss what happened on the weekend (which is obviously the busiest time), but if we release it on Sunday or Monday it means we have more spare time to finalise it just before the deadline.

I propose we write the articles as follows. Assuming we release the article at midnight, Sunday, UTC, we would create a link like this:

WWN July 20, 2003

And people now have a week to work on it. At perhaps 3 hours before the release time (21:00 UTC), we stop accepting new entries and create a stub for next week's newsletter WWN July 27, 2003.

At the release time, the link is copied to w:Wikipedia:Village pump, w:Main page and the meta main page. The text is posted to wikien-l.

I picked midnight because people in the US, UK and Australia will be awake. Europe and most of Asia will be asleep.

-- Tim Starling 10:28, 12 Jul 2003 (UTC)

So this would be a "Wiklipedia"? *g* // Stygian

You mean Weeklypedia news? -- maybe Wikiweekly?  :) No - I think that a weekly paper on a wiki is kind of an oxymoron. An updated every five minutes paper is more realistic. But then, thats kind of what the VP is. The real thing would be to make the Village pump a logged-thread kind of software like http://forums.craigslist.org/?forumID=8 these are. -- and make from that a condensed report of whats going on.
If im not mistaken,
-Stevertigo 17:52, 7 Sep 2003 (UTC)

The english Wikipedia has implemented something a bit like this - see en:Wikipedia:Goings-on, although it is en-only and only a wikipage rather than an email. But could be used as a digest to be sent elsewhere.

RSS feeds[edit]

I suggest different parts of the wikipedia (board, projects, etc) have their own news feeds that users can aggregate according to their interests. There's too much stuff to put into a digest without.

  1. considerable work
  2. risk of filtering
  3. overwhelming readers