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Wikipedia for Peace 2016/Program and Ideas

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The program is still under construction.

Date Time Activity
Wednesday, August 10 Afternoon Meet-up at the train station (15:00)

Icebreaking and first get together Introduction to the topic:

  • Introduction to the project, to SCI and Wikimedia
  • Program
  • Camp diary
  • Getting to know Jenbach
Thursday, August 11 Morning First steps
  • The structure of a Wikipedia article
  • Registration at Wikipedia (if you haven't already)
  • How can I write articles?
  • References, don't copy stuff
  • Be neutral

Inspiration #1: What to write about? (Workshop by Thomas about Goldman Environmental Prize winners)

Afternoon Writing our first articles

Reflection of the day:

  • Recording the work progress every day
  • How can we improve our work process? How do you feel?
Evening Meeting local Wikipedia editors at a "Stammtisch" in Innsbruck (for those who want)
Friday, August 12 Morning Second steps:
  • Translation
  • What does Wikimedia do exactly?

Writing articles

Afternoon Writing articles

Reflection of the day

Evening Group dynamics!

Fancy dinner

Saturday, August 13 Morning Wikidata Workshop with Tobias

Short Inspiration #2 (Workshop about Goldman Environmental Prize winners) Writing articles

Afternoon Short Inspiration #3 (Workshop about Goldman Environmental Prize winners to support writing process)

Writing articles Reflection of the day

Sunday, August 14 Morning Writing articles

Celebrating our achievements so far

Afternoon Free afternoon - Excursion (e.g. to Achensee, Wolfsklamm, Innsbruck, Schwaz)
Monday, August 15 All day Free day - Excursion?
Tuesday, August 16 Morning Writing articles

Introduction to Wikimedia Commons #1: What is it? Licenses; getting permission + writing e-mails for portrait pictures (with User:simon04)

Afternoon Photo tour

Introduction to Wikimedia Commons #2: How to upload pictures

Wednesday, August 17 Morning Workshop on Climate Justice (Part of the Climate 4 Peace campaign)

Writing articles

Afternoon Writing articles

Workshop on Gender and Wikipedia (Saskia)

Thursday, August 18 All day Free day - Excursion?
Friday, August 19 Morning Engagement workshop:
  • How can I stay involved with Wikipedia for Peace after the project?
  • Wikipedia for Peace plans for 2017
  • How to engage other people in Wikimedia projects?

Planning our evening workshop

Afternoon Writing articles
Saturday, August 20 All day Finishing up articles

Recap of the project: What did we achieve?

Evening Party!
Sunday, August 21 Morning Cleaning and Departure