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On this page we collect the outcome of this year's camp - all articles and pictures we create. This is also the page where we collect impressions of the day in our camp diary! :)


New articles[edit]

Article Language Author Date Number
ca:Margaret Ekpo Català Emayolt 23-07-17 1
uk:Уте Бок Ukrainian Riellray 24-07-17 2
ru:Бок, Уте Russian Riellray 24-07-17 3
vi:Lucy Aharish Vietnamese Le-hong-ha 24-07-17 4
fr:Ute Bock French Wikinoob2017 24-07-17 5
da:Kathleen Hanna Danish Sofie Aukdal 24-07-17 6
en:Alicia Cawiya English Marina R. Parpal 24-07-17 7
en:Marley Dias English Tugcearas 24-07-17 8
pl:Maminydjama Maymuru Polish BogumilaH 24-07-17 9
en:Hanna Samson English BogumilaH 24-07-17 10
en:Maminydjama Maymuru English BogumilaH 24-07-17 11
cs:Lisa Kristine Czech Tereziekos 24-07-17 12
hu:Yusra Mardini Hungarian Gretaplaneta 24-07-17 13
ru:Ахариш, Люси Russian Karina petrova 24-07-17 14
es:Ambiga Sreenevasan Spanish Emayolt 24-07-17 15
es:Virisila Buadromo Spanish Emayolt 24-07-17 16
ca:Maha Al Muneef Catalan Emayolt 24-07-17 17
ca:Virisila Buadromo Catalan Emayolt 24-07-17 18
ca:Margit Slachta Catalan Emayolt 24-07-17 19
ca:Ambiga Sreenevasan Catalan Emayolt 24-07-17 20
en:Negin Khpalwak English Nguyennga1109 24-07-17 21
en:Simone Tanner Chaumet English Tugcearas 24-07-17 22
de:Ingibjörg H. Bjarnason German Shikeishu 24-07-17 23
fr:Emilsen Manyoma French Rom1.e 24-07-17 24
sv:Freda Meissner-Blau Swedish Shikeishu 25-07-17 25
vi:Negin Khpalwak Vietnamese Nguyennga1109 25-07-17 26
cs:Lucy Aharish Czech Tereziekos 25-07-17 27
hu:Maminydjama Maymuru Hungarian Gretaplaneta 25-07-17 28
ru:Тройт, Моника Russian Karina petrova 25-07-17 29
ca:Monika Treut Catalan Emayolt 25-07-17 30
ca:Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton Catalan Emayolt 25-07-17 31
ca:Anna Yevreinova Catalan Emayolt 25-07-17 32
ca:Freda Meissner-Blau Catalan Emayolt 25-07-17 33
ca:Naděžda Kavalírová Catalan Emayolt 25-07-17 34
en:Emma Holten English Sofie_Aukdal 25-07-17 35
da:Fartuun Adan Danish Sofie_Aukdal 25-07-17 36
fr:Kit Coleman French Wikinoob2017 25-07-17 37
ru:Консулова-Вазова, Елисавета Russian Yuliia Kryhina 24-07-17 38
tr:Emily Davison Turkish Tugcearas 25-07-17 39
ru:Кит Колман Russian Riellray 25-07-17 40
uk:Кіт Колман Ukrainian Riellray 25-07-17 41
ru:Кристин, Лиза Russian Karina petrova 25-07-17 42
de:Idy Hegnauer German Shikeishu 27-08-17 43
ru:Пилкингтон, Элис Russian Riellray 27-08-17 44
uk:Еліс Пілкінгтон Ukrainian Riellray 27-08-17 45
uk:Вела Благоєва Ukrainian Yuliia Kryhina 26-07-17 46
uk:Катерина Каравелова Ukrainian Yuliia Kryhina 27-07-17 47
ru:Благоева, Вела Russian Yuliia Kryhina 26-07-17 48
ru:Каравелова, Екатерина Russian Yuliia Kryhina 27-07-17 49
vi:Julie Kristeva Vietnamese Le-hong-ha 25-07-17 50
vi:Thao Griffiths Vietnamese Le-hong-ha 27-07-17 51
fr:Negin Khpalwak French Rom1.e 26-07-17 52
da:Ute Bock Danish Sofie_Aukdal 27-07-17 53
da:Hawa Abdallah Mohammed Salih Danish Sofie_Aukdal 27-07-17 54
es:Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin Spanish Marina R. Parpal 27-07-17 55
en:Vicki Gabriner English Tugcearas 27-07-17 56
en:Marie Reisik English BogumilaH 27-07-17 57
en:Haya Shalom English BogumilaH 27-07-17 58
cs:Audrey Mbugua Czech Tereziekos 27-07-17 59
hu:Edith Windsor Hungarian Gretaplaneta 27-07-17 60
cv:Шуламит Алони Chuvash Karina petrova 27-07-17 61
ru:Садр, Шади Russian Karina petrova 27-07-17 62
ca:Fartuun Adan Catalan Emayolt 25-07-17 63
ca:Macedonia Blas Flores Catalan Emayolt 27-07-17 64
ca:Rosa Julieta Montaño Salvatierra Catalan Emayolt 27-07-17 65
ca:Ingibjörg H. Bjarnason Catalan Emayolt 27-07-17 66
ca:Emilsen Manyoma Catalan Emayolt 27-07-17 67
ca:Antonia Maymón Catalan Emayolt 27-07-17 68
de:Rosa Stallbaumer German Shikeishu 29-07-17 69
en:Adele Stürzl English Shikeishu 29-07-17 70
de:Sylvia Rivera German Shikeishu 29-07-17 71
ca:Ute Bock Catalan Emayolt 29-07-17 72
ca:Farrokh-Rou Parsa Catalan Emayolt 29-07-17 73
ca:Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin Catalan Emayolt 29-07-17 74
cv:Забел Есаян Chuvash Karina petrova 29-07-17 75
cv:Маргит Шлахта Chuvash Karina petrova 29-07-17 76
hu:Takács Judit Hungarian Gretaplaneta 29-07-17 77
hu:Lisa Kristine Hungarian Gretaplaneta 29-07-17 78
cs:Suzette Jordan Czech Tereziekos 29-07-17 79
cs:Gcina Mhlope Czech Tereziekos 29-07-17 80
en:Lê Thị Quý English Nguyennga1109 29-07-17 81
vi:Lê Thị Quý Vietnamese Nguyennga1109 29-07-17 82
en:Suzuyo Takazato English BogumilaH 29-07-17 83
pl:Lucy Aharish Polish BogumilaH 29-07-17 84
tr:Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti Turkish Tugcearas 29-07-17 85
es:Edith Windsor Spanish Marina R. Parpal 29-07-17 86
da:Frieda Belinfante Danish Sofie_Aukdal 29-07-17 87
fr:Reshma Qureshi French Rom1.e 29-07-17 88
fr:Make Love Not Scars French Rom1.e 29-07-17 89
uk:Інгібйорг Б'ярнасон Ukrainian Yuliia Kryhina 29-07-17 90
ru:Бьярнасон, Ингибьёрг Russian Yuliia Kryhina 29-07-17 91
ru:Рэнсем-Кути, Фунмилайо Russian Yuliia Kryhina 29-07-17 92
uk:Юлія Реда Ukrainian Riellray 29-07-17 93
ru:Реда, Юлия Russian Riellray 29-07-17 94
de:Naděžda Kavalírová German Shikeishu 30-07-17 95
uk:Фунмілайо Ренсем-Куті Ukrainian Yuliia Kryhina 29-07-17 96
vi:Jeanette Winterson Vietnamese Le-hong-ha 30-07-17 97
fr:Ria Sharma French Rom1.e 30-07-17 98
da:Marsha P. Johnson Danish Sofie_Aukdal 30-07-17 99
pl:Kathleen Hanna Polish BogumilaH 29-07-17 100
vi:Suzuyo Takazato Vietnamese Nguyennga1109 30-07-17 101
ca:Simone Tanner Chaumet Catalan Emayolt 30-07-17 102
es:Simone Tanner Chaumet Spanish Emayolt 30-07-17 103
en:Carmella Flöck English Nickk2524 30-07-17 104
uk:Жозефіна Раффін Ukrainian Yuliia Kryhina 30-07-17 105
ru:Раффин, Жозефина Ст. Пьер Russian Yuliia Kryhina 30-07-17 106
es:Reshma Qureshi Spanish Marina R. Parpal 30-07-17 107
tr:Suzette Jordan Turkish Tugcearas 30-07-17 108
en:Thảo Griffiths English Nguyennga1109 30-07-17 109
hu:Laurel Hester Hungarian Gretaplaneta 30-07-17 110
cv:Чирикова Евгения Сергеевна Chuvash Karina petrova 30-07-17 111
fr:Ria Sharma French Rom1.e 30-07-17 112
hu:Marley Dias Hungarian Gretaplaneta 30-07-17 113
da:Fatuma Abdulkadir Adan Danish Sofie Aukdal 31-07-17 114
en:Liv Strömquist English Shikeishu 31-07-17 115
fr:Nguyễn Đặng Minh Mẫn French Rom1.e 31-07-17 116

Improved Articles[edit]

Article Language Author Date Number
es:Monika Treut Spanish Emayolt 24-07-17 1
ca:Jeanette Winterson Catalan Emayolt 25-07-17 2
pl:Sylwia Chutnik Polish BogumilaH 24-07-17 3
en:Sylwia Chutnik English BogumilaH 25-07-17 4

New pictures[edit]

User contributions[edit]

User Global contribution Stalk toy
User:Shikeishu [1] [2]
User:Riellray [3] [4]
User:Yuliia Kryhina [5] [6]
User:Le-hong-ha [7] [8]
User:Rom1.e [9] [10]
User:Wikinoob2017 [11] [12]
User:Sofie Aukdal [13] [14]
User:Marina R. Parpal [15] [16]
User:Tugcearas [17] [18]
User:BogumilaH [19] [20]
User:Nguyennga1109 [21] [22]
User:Tereziekos [23] [24]
User:Gretaplaneta [25] [26]
User:Karina petrova [27] [28]
User:Emayolt [29] [30]


Total amount of new articles (incremental) As of July 31
Date New articles (absolute / % change from prior day)
July 23
July 24
July 25
July 26
July 27
July 29
July 30
July 31

Media reports[edit]

Camp diary[edit]

Saturday, July 22nd[edit]

First day! Exciting to be back in Jenbach. Bogumila and I spent the day gaining the ownership over the scouts center by decorating it, preparing the rooms and waiting for the participants to arrive. We got to know each other, first playing some name games, drawing portraits of each other and finally talking about our expectations for the camp. It's an amazing group with an amazing spirit and we are looking forward to a great time with lots of new peace content on Wikipedia, good time by the bonfire at night, interesting discussions and laughter. --Shikeishu (talk) 08:42, 24 July 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Sunday, July 23rd[edit]

We had a workshop about the topic "Women for Peace" today. Part of the workshop was a silent exhibition. For the exhibition, we used the following videos and websites:

--Shikeishu (talk) 08:16, 25 July 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Monday, July 24th[edit]

Here are some links from my presentation:

Thanks for having me! It was a great pleasure to spend time with all of you --CDG (WMAT staff) (talk) 07:18, 24 July 2017 (UTC) And for the ladies from Central and Eastern Europe: Here is the link to our annual international article translation competition :-)[reply]

Tuesday, July 25th[edit]

Trip around Jenbach

Today we discovered lots: Eduard doesn't dislike Roaming, Sofie introduced us to Beyoncé's twins and our new camp motto Liberté, égalité, Beyoncé. Guillaume woke up at 6am to bake cinnamon rolls. He is crazy. It was very delicious. Just like the spring rolls that we had for dinner from our two Vietnamese masterchiefs Nga and Ha. For some reason, we ended up listening to robots speaking Esperanto (Kion is "What", kiel is "how", kiom is "how much") at the dinner table. In the afternoon, we visited Jenbach. It was raining. Jenbach is amazing! Full of surprises and very small. We even discovered a playground and had lots of fun (as you can see on the pictures that we'll post). We also discussed gender, shared issues around it from our home communities and scared each other a bit. We discovered how much we can learn from each other. And, on a side note, we produce an astonishing amount and quality of articles, even though it's just our third day of editing Wikipedia. We ended our day with a bowl of popcorn. (Team Horses)

For our Esperanto friends: Hodiaŭ ni malkovris multan: Eduard ne malŝatas Roaming, Sofie prezentita al Beyoncé ĝemeloj kaj nia nova tendaro moto Liberté, égalité, Beyoncé. Guillaume vekiĝis ĉe 6am baki cinamo ruloj. Li estas freneza. Estis tre bongusta. Ĝuste kiel la printempo listoj kiuj ni havis por la vespermanĝo de nia du Vjetnama masterchiefs Nga kaj Ha. Ial, ni finis aŭskultante robotoj paroli Esperanton (Kion estas "Kio", Kiel estas "kiom", kiom estas "kiom") ĉe la manĝotablo. Posttagmeze, ni vizitis Jenbach. Pluvis. Jenbach estas mirinda! Plena de surprizoj kaj tre malgranda. Ni eĉ malkovris ludejo kaj multe ĝuis (kiel vi povas vidi en la bildoj kiuj ni afiŝi). Ni ankaŭ diskutis sekso, dividita aferoj ĉirkaŭ ĝi de nia hejmo komunumoj kaj timigis la alia iom. Ni malkovris kiom ni povas lerni de unu la alian. Kaj, sur flanka noto, ni produktas miriga kvanto kaj kvalito de la artikoloj, eĉ se ĝi estas nur nia tria tago de redaktado Vikipedio. Ni finis nian tagon kun bovlo de pufmaizo. (Teamo Ĉevaloj)

Wednesday, July 26th[edit]

Group picture in Innsbruck

Today it was our first day off. Though it was rain the whole day long, our super team went to Innsbruck after lunch. Thomas showed us the city and told a lot of interesting about it. Unfortunately we couldn't enjoy the view around Innsbruck because of the clouds, nevertheless our tour was unforgettable. In the evening we went to the restaurant where we met members of Wikipedia Austria. We had a lot of fun talking with each other. Also food was tasty and portions were really HUGE. Now we know some useful words from other languages.

Thursday, July 27th[edit]

We continued writing our articles! It is so much fun. We have an evaluation meeting every day at 4.30 and it is so inspiring! We share stories of women we write about!

Friday, July 28th[edit]

Group picture celebrating our return to Jenbach after hiking

Today was the second day off, and we went hiking in the 'canyon of the wolves'! Also we met Thomas' cousin Phillip, who was a lively 14-year old boy with amazing english skills. We ended up walking approximately 15 kilometers, and took around 100 pictures, that you can now find on instagram #mountains #beautiful #hiking #alpinelife. Aaaand also a beautiful video from the trip is available in the facebook group.

Saturday, July 29th[edit]

We had a nice and hard-working day in Jenbach. One of the last days of editing articles to Wikipedia. In the evening we got a sweet surprise from our guests: Thomas's parents came over and brought delicious Tiramisu cake! Later, we enjoyed our time by the fireplace!

Sunday, July 30th[edit]

Celebrating the 100th article we wrote during Wikipedia for Peace this year
Starting the day with an energizer

After a sleepy morning, we had lots of handtwisting energizer fun in the sun. Once we were energised enough, we went off to conquer the world of Women for Peace on Wikipedia once more. We ended up doing great work and cracked the mark of 100 articles! We were very proud of that and celebrated by taking a picture during lunch break. In the afternoon, Tobias and his cousin Nick came for a visit. Tobias gave us a workshop on Wikidata and we ended up adding lots of data to the women we were writing about. During our reflection, we shared interesting, inspiring and sometimes disturbing stories about the lives of the women we wrote about. Once the day was over, almost everybody got hooked on Duolingo. French people speaking in German, Ukrainian people speaking in French, Danish in Italian and Austrian in Vietnamese. My sister came by for dinner and we ended the evening with grilling marshmallows on fire. --Shikeishu (talk) 09:42, 31 July 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Monday, July 31st[edit]

Today was Romain's birthday!!! :D Some people worked in the morning, others were doing nothing. We went to sunbathe and swim in Achensee. The sun was shining, the water was freezing but we enjoyed our last day a lot! As some people were supposed to come back to Jenbach by bus, they were caught by rain, storm and two beautiful rainbows over Achensee. We got home hitchhiking and with the help of Romain. It was a fun day! The last day!

Tuesday, August 1st[edit]

That's the end! But, it is not! It was just the beginning of editing articles to Wikipedia! We will continue home! And the beginning of wonderful friendships!

P.S. We had an all-night farewell party! Now, the star, the Xmas tree, decorating, packing presents-Sofie's dance!