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Wikipedia for Peace Participants Program and Ideas Article lists Results

Here we can collect the outcome of our project. New articles, new pictures, improved articles etc. You can also check the results on the Dashboard.


New articles[edit]

  1. Manuela Trasobares i Haro (es)
  2. Homosexualidad en Moldavia (es)
  3. Ferruccio Castellano (es)
  4. Homonationalismus (de)
  5. Himno homosexual (es)
  6. Homosexualidad en Bután (es)
  7. Homosexualidad en Mauritania (es)
  8. Pinkwashing (de)
  9. Homosexualidad en Kirguistán (es)
  10. Homosexualidad en Togo (es)
  11. Homosexualidad en Guinea-Bissáu (es)
  12. Homossexualidade na Moldávia (pt)
  13. Homosexualidad en San Vicente y las Granadinas (es)
  14. WorldPride (ast)
  15. Beatriz Gimeno (en)
  16. Jordi Torremadé Martínez (es)
  17. Homosexualidad en Montenegro (es)
  18. Heterosexualidad obligatoria (es)
  19. Homosexualidad en Tayikistán (es)
  20. Сексуальне розмаїття (uk)
  21. ¿Archivo Queer? (es)
  22. Heterossexualidade obrigatória (pt)
  23. Homosexualidad en Chechenia (es)
  24. Brújula Intersexual (es)
  25. Anarchivo sida (es)
  26. Brújula Intersexual (ca)
  27. Pànic homosexual (ca)
  28. LGBT Marketing (de)
  29. Rosa Geld (de)
  30. Дуйнолук Парад (ky)
  31. Homosexualidad en Yibuti (es)
  32. Krzysztof Charamsa (es)
  33. Homosexualidad en Sudán del Sur (es)
  34. Гетеропатриархат (ru)
  35. Homosexualidad en Micronesia (es)
  36. Сексуалдык багыт (ky)
  37. Homosexualidad en Serbia (es)
  38. Homosexualidad en Vanuatu (es)
  39. Homossexualidade na Sérvia (pt)
  40. Гендердик аныктык (ky)
  41. ЛГБТ (ky)
  42. Campaña Contra la Homofobia (es)
  43. LGBT Migration (de)
  44. Andrea Rincón (es)
  45. Mariana Casas (en)
  46. Asesinato de Amanda Milan (es)
  47. Javier Sáez del Álamo (en)
  48. Alberto Cardín (en)
  49. WorldPride (pl)

Improved articles[edit]

New pictures[edit]

Wikipedia for Peace Madrid World Pride, Editatón en Media Lab Prado.jpg


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Media reports[edit]


June 23rd[edit]

Today 5 people started working in Medialab- Prado at 11 am in the morning. During that time people from all over the world were still arriving in their planes or traveling sometimes even with great difficulty and delay. One participant almost had her ID confiscated at the airport. One participant had his phone stolen. But finally we all arrived. The atmosphere was great in productive. Instead of long introductions people started working quickly. During a quiet short time we managed to write or translate a good amount of valuable articles. We ate lunch and visited a concert from Kika Lorace. We ate the biggest omlet most of us had ever seen in their lives. Then we spent the evening in the square. The floor was so warm that you could still sit on it during the night. Until at 1:00 am in the night. The participant with the longest and most difficult travel arrived. We are confident that we are going to reach our goal of 30 articles. There are also already several good photos that were shot during the event. The most important things is that everyone is having a good time in Madrid. We're happy that we got to see each other again and that the Spanish community blends together so easily with our group. The way that Madrid is welcoming the LGBT community is also quiet impressive. We were wondering though: Does the intention matter of all of the parties profiting from the World Pride- even if a person is selling rainbow flags merely for the purpose of making profit- isn't it still a meaningful message that is send when a world city in covered in all colors of the rainbow? --Earlyspatztalk 00:56, 24 June 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

June 24th[edit]

Wikipedia for Peace Madrid World Pride, Editatón en MediaLab Prado, foto de grupo

We managed to far exceed our expectations of 30 articles with a total result of well over 40 articles. Among our articles were the first ones on sexual diversity in Kyrgyz ever written. We want to especially thank DaddyCell (Explanation of user name: Well I'm writing on something about mother cells, so I'm going to call myself MotherCell... wait no I'm going to call myself FatherCell... no.... DaddyCell!). for all of the great proposals on what exactly to write on in the field of gender and sexual diversity and also for assisting all new editors in writing their first articles. We had a lot to celebrate so we went for a concert of Mayte Martin disabled lgbt communtiy "diversidad funcional" which mean that it was a benefice concert for disabled lgbt people in Matadero. Matadero is a great location- a former slaughterhouse where now a lot of cultural institutions are situated. It was a great open air concert. We danced under the sky. One participant ;) new all songs by heart. We'll probably never forget this night. Most importantly we found our mascot for the Cuteness Association: The travel moose.--Earlyspatztalk 02:44, 28 June 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

June 25th[edit]

Today was a free day. So thankfully after a lot of work we were able to spend some time sleeping longer. We had a city tour in which we visited Casa de la Villa, La Almudena and Templo de Debod. At templo de devod we put our feet into the water and sang "I'm singing in the rain" next to the fountain. Luckily it was cloudy and stormy in Madrid. There were even a few drops of water that fell down! Twitter went crazy- can you believe it- rain in Madrid? After months of dryness and the hottest temperature in decades. We also visited Reina de Sofia museum and saw Picasso and Dali. In the evening it was raining so heavily that we actually had to stay inside and the streets were pretty empty. After all this turned out to be good as we had to get up early in the morning for the human rights congress on the 26th. --Earlyspatztalk 02:44, 28 June 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

June 26th[edit]

During the congress we tried to visit all sessions to get the most of the event. We want to thank the organizers again for providing us with free tickets for the participants and two press passes. Among the mosts memorable moments were meeting the vice- president of InterPride Frank van Dalen who was especially interested in learning about the situation in Russia from our Russian participant. Also of course the talk of the former prime minister Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, which left some participants in tears. We were able to take photos of the official talks but also convinced several speakers to obtain portrait photos. --Earlyspatztalk 02:44, 28 June 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

June 27th[edit]

WorldPride 2017 - Madrid Summit - 170627 104926
Florencia Claes looking at her speaker announcement on the human rights summit page

On the 27th a couple of participants already had to leave. Those who remained in Madrid were able to see the round table discussion that we were invited to participate in. Florence Claes from Wikimedia Spain did a great job on the topic of "visibility of minority group on the internet and social networks". --Earlyspatztalk 02:44, 28 June 2017 (UTC)