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This is a collection of haikus and senryus related to Wikipedia.


no convenience
raining edits or might they
be pissing themselves
The submit button
database transaction now
a minor edit


I know more than you
but nobody knows more than
I contribute, but
a stranger edits my work
frustrated author
A new friend is here
and has found my work to be
worthy of effort
general reference work
how can we trust it?
the newcomer reads
you can edit this page now
strange and intriguing
in one year we write
twenty thousand articles
Britannica quakes
you can edit this page now
"I can't stop writing"--
a Wikipediholic
struggles mightily
can one be too bold?
be bold in updating pages
but be not too bold
curious, but poor
free encyclopedia
is necessary
neutral point of view:
this article speaks for you
also for others
before his breakfast
a Wikipediholic
loads Recent Changes
I spend all my time
editing these articles
time just slips away
I know more today
than I did before today
time just slips away
I know more today than I
did before today
how can we trust it?
the newcomer reads, you can;
edit this page now!
a stranger edits
my work-frustrated author:
a new friend is here
found vandalism
and then surprised again at
how fast it was fixed
seeks a type of writing that
is agreeable
this Phase III software
has been running since July
major improvement
participants can color
the neutrality
servers in a rack
in Florida deliver
be corrected by
active collaboration
from people outside
freely edited
freely copied and freely
so no article
is ever finished as such
users are cached in
a filesystem until
the world the software
that originally ran
An amazing resource to
Mankind, understand?

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