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The Wikipedia in African Libraries Project

Our Team[edit]

Dr.Helena Asamoah-Hassan[edit]

As the Executive Director of AfLIA, I have managed several projects in Africa and beyond including Projects from PLA-ALA and Global Libraries. I will provide financial oversight of this project.

Dr. Nkem Osuigwe[edit]

I am the Director, Human Capacity Development and Training, AfLIA. I have worked on different online training programmes of AfLIA as a mentor, content developer. I will work closely with the Wikipedian in Residence for the adaptation of he OCLC curriculum and course materials, deployment of the course materials online and enrollment of the participants.

Stanley Boakye-Achampong[edit]

I am the Research coordinator of AfLIA and a member of AfLIA’s communication team, I will be working with the Director of Training and the Wikipedian in Residence on Research and communication aspects of this project.

Doreen Appiah[edit]

I am the Program Officer of AfLIA. I will be working with the AfLIA Director of Training and the Wikipedian-in-Residence to keep track of activities and participants in the course.


Alex Stinson[edit]

I am a Senior Program Strategist at the Wikimedia Foundation. I have been supporting projects like #1lib1ref and library outreach across the movement for nearly 6 years. I am advising the project as part of my broader support of Movement Organizers and Campaigns.

Felix Nartey[edit]

I am Community and Partnership Coordinator at the Wikimedia Foundation. I have been a coordinator for #1lib1ref for the past 2 years and have been involved library outreach for the past 6 years. I am advising the project because of my direct involvement and experience with library outreach and knowledge about working in Africa.

Curriculum Development Consultant[edit]

Dr.Rosemary Shafack[edit]

Prof. Shafack is currently the Director of the University of Buea Library and Information Services and a Professor of Library and Information Science, teaching in the undergraduate and graduate programmes of the Faculty of Education of the University of Buea. She has over ten years’ experience in curriculum development and evaluation as a teacher in the university, teaching library and information science courses. Her experience in curriculum development covers courses taught face-to-face, synchronous and asynchronous modes. She is a recipient of several awards among which include the Award of Female Academic Excellence by the Ministry of Higher Education of Cameroon in 2017. She is one of the leaders of the IFLA Leadership programme first cohorts and a trainer for the IFLA, ALP and BSLA.

Wikipedian in Residence[edit]

Alice Kibombo[edit]

As the Wikipedian-in-Residence (WIR) with AfLIA, I will work with the Curriculum Development Consultant to customize the the OCLC for Wikipedia + Libraries: Better Together curriculum for African librarians after which, with the help of experienced Wikipedians, I will facilitate 2 learners cohorts . I will also be responsible for connecting African librarians to the Wikimedia communities in their countries and/or regions. I am a practicing librarian and for the Wikipedia in African Libraries project,I will edit under AKibombo (AfLIA).