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This page is a repository for records of Wikimedia meetups.

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Past events[edit]

Wikipedians in South Korea were invited by Daum Communication. Daum, a major portal in Korea, invited Jimbo and journalists to announce their donation of an encyclopedia, which has about 30 volumes. We had around 300 people attended in the conference.
You can find detailed information at ko:위키백과:오프라인 모임/2008년 11월 4일 on ko.wp. --Ryuch 01:01, 12 November 2008 (UTC)[reply]
  • We! Will! Wikipedia! The Emergency!
The community and Wikipedians in Malaysia will be helping out with The Five Arts Centre to expand articles in Wikipedia languages regarding the first Malayan Emergency from 1948-1960. The event will be held at the Annex, Centrel Market from 16-26 Oct at 11am-4pm.
Throughout the duration of the project, students, journalists (writers from The Nutgraph & The Star have confirmed), and others will take 1-hour shifts from 11am to 4pm daily to input materials related to the Emergency years. The participants will collectively grow the entries related to Malaya-Malaysia from 1948 to 1960 in the Wikipedia database.
For more information contact The Five Arts Centre or call 603-77254858. Alternatively, you can also contact Diagramma Della Verita 12:20, 12 October 2008 (UTC)[reply]
  • Arnhem, Gelderland, (NLD); woensdag 2 mei 2007
  • Paris, Avril 2007.
  • Białowieża: 1-3 maja 2007, Konferencja Wikimedia Polska 2007

Reports from previous meetups[edit]


22th August, TRA Western Line, Taiwan[edit]

The meeting in TRA Western Line

Autumn Meetup in Taiwan

13th June, Taipei, Taiwan[edit]

The meeting in Taipei

Summer Meetup in Taiwan


14th August, Ramat Hasharon, Israel[edit]

A meeting attended by over 25 wikipedians at Ramat Hasharon.


26th December, Tel Aviv, Israel[edit]

The meeting in Tel Aviv

A meeting attended by over 50 wikipedians at the Tel Aviv University.

October, 18—19, Moscow[edit]

The second annual Wikiconference took place in Ushinsky Library in Moscow, gathering Wikimedians from different places of the world. Press release (Russian)

27-28 September, Poznań[edit]

GDJ 2008 - second "brainstorming" meeting and 7th birthday celebration of pl wiki.

5th September, Haifa Israel[edit]

A meeting attended by over 50 wikipedians at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa.

14 June, Frankfurt a. M.[edit]

Community Tag of Wikimedia Deutschland, the day before the general members convention. Lectures and discussions about various subjects. For about 30 attendants from all Germany.

2nd May, Tel Aviv, Israel[edit]

A picnic attended by over 60 wikipedians and family members.


20 & 21 October, Macau[edit]

as Autumn meetup 2006 for Hong Kong Wikipedians
also as First Meetup for Wikipedians in Macau

5th October, Ramat Gan , Israel[edit]

A picnic with barbecue for Israeli Wikipedians from across the country and their friends, in the National Park in Ramat Gan attended by over 70 wikipedians and family members.

The meeting in Ramat Gan

14 Jul, Hong Kong[edit]

Summer meetup 2007

25th May, Jerusalem, Israel[edit]

1 Apr, Hong Kong[edit]

Spring Meetup 2007

30th March, Tel Aviv, Israel[edit]

A picnic with barbecue for Israeli Wikipedians from across the country and their friends, in Park Hayarkon in Tel Aviv.

The Wiki-Cake presented at the picnic, made by Orion.
Future Wikipedians

18th March, Tokyo, Japan[edit]

Jimmy Wales interview - Jimmy answered 20 questions from Japanese Wikipedians gathered beforehand on Japanese Wikipedia. Around 70 people attended. After the session, around 20 people enjoyed a party.

Further information is at:

26th January, Jerusalem, Israel[edit]

The first field-trip of Elef Millim project took place in the German Colony of Jerusalem. The project initiated by Rotem, an HE-Wikipedian, is meant to bring together Wikipedians for fun educational activity and to enrich the image repository with pictures taken during the field-trip. 10 Wikipedians attended the first field-trip.


23 & 24 Dec, Hong Kong[edit]

Winter meetup 2006

16 & 17th December, Belgrade, Serbia[edit]

First general regional conference/meetup in Belgrade for the Balkan countries took place on December 16 and 17. Beside visitors from Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Bulgaria, some guests from France, Germany and the Netherlands are also expected. Organized by Millosh, Filip et al.

15 Dec. Herzliya, Israel[edit]

Hanukkah Meetup in Israel

09 Dec. Taipei, Taiwan[edit]

Winter Meetup in Taiwan

23 Sep. Taipei, Taiwan[edit]

Autumn Meetup in Taiwan

(left):host-THD, Wikimedia Users、Koika- Chinese wikimedia conference experience sharing、slime123-Chinese wikimedia conference experience sharing、Workshop、Mingwangx-Taiwan Chapter

22-23 July. Taiwan Railway Western Line, Taiwan[edit]

Taiwan Railway Western Line Meetup.
22 July 2006, 3 Taiwan Wikipedians gathered in Taipei and took train to travel along Taiwan Railway Western Line. They met 1 Wikipedian in Jhongli, 3 Wikipedians in Hsinchu and slept in Hsinchu. Next day, they went to Changhua to met another Wikipedian.

24 Jun. Taipei, Taiwan[edit]

Summer Meetup in Taiwan

10 Jun. Hong Kong[edit]

Summer Meetup in Hong Kong

17 April, Jerusalem, Israel[edit]

Passover meetup in Israel

9 April Taipei, Taiwan[edit]

Meetup With Jimbo

12:20 to 12:30
Co-worker meet 工作人員報到與集合,Equipment setup
12:30 to 12:50
Sign up, Seat Arrangement
12:50 -1:00
1:00 - 1:20
Zh-Wiki intro themselves
1:20- 1:50
Jimmy Intro himself
1:50 - 2:20
Short break (cookie-tea-time)
2:30 - 3:30
Topic talking
Topic 1: Chapter
Topic 2: management
3:30 - 4:30
Open talking (Jimmy wih everyone)
4:30 - 5:00
Feedback and Photo Time

(more details...)

29 April - 1 May 2006, Wrocław, Poland[edit]

During conference session

3rd Polish Wikimedia Meeting 2006. 42 participants including 5 from abroad. 10 lectures were delivered and many discussions took place among participants. During the meeting General Member Assembly 2006 I was organized. See also the oficial web-page of the meeting: [3] and unoficial article on Wikipedia-pl (in Polish only)

19 March, Taipei, Taiwan[edit]

Spring Meetup in Taiwan

3 Feb, Tainan, Taiwan[edit]

"Happy Chinese New Year" Meetup in Taiwan

(from left)JasonzhuocnMingwnagxKoikaKJ
  • Time:14:00
  • Location:車路墘藝文空間 (A Tea house near by Bao-an Station)
  • Organizer:Koika
  • Schedule:Topic discussion and Tainan City tour
  • more details......

22 Jan, Hong Kong[edit]

Spring Meetup 2006


12-13 December 2005, Chorzów, Poland[edit]

Wikimedia Polska Meetup 2005

4th Polish Wikipedians meeting and 2nd Polish Wikimedia meeting. 26 participants including guests from Czech Wikipedia. See more pl:Wikipedia:Opłatek Wikimedian 2005

10 December, Taipei, Taiwan[edit]

Winter Meetup in Taipei County(en)

Brussels, Belgium, 10 December 2005[edit]

Belgian Wikimeet/Belgische Wikimeet/Wikimeet Belge: see/zie/voir/sehe:

Melbourne, Australia, 22, 24, & 29 November 2005[edit]

See Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Meetup/Melbourne for more information.

Sydney, Australia, 20 & 21 November 2005[edit]

See Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Meetup/Sydney for more information.

18 Sept. Hong Kong[edit]

Meetup 2005

3 Sep. Hsinchu, Taiwan[edit]

Autumn Meetup in Taiwan

13-14 August, 2005, Kraków, Poland[edit]

Third Polish Wikipedians, and first Polish Wikimedia meeting. 32 participants, some press coverage. Polish Wikimedia Chapter was established. See more pl:Wikipedia:Zlot Wikimedia Polska 2005

zh WP and SBF, 2 July 2005[edit]

zh WP and Social Brain Foundation(SBF) online conference. see record of conference

25 June 2005 Taipei in Taiwan,[edit]

Summer Meetup in Taipei(en)

Dragør in Denmark, 11th June 2005[edit]

Jimbo spoke at the Reboot conference in Copenhagen and later met some of the most active Danish Wikipedia-users. There is a description in Danish here: da:Wikipedia:Træf.

Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro, May 14, 2005[edit]

Jimbo + local Wikipedians

Jimbo had a lecture at the Belgrade Philosophy Faculty. Afterwards, he and some of the local Wikipedians went to the Project Rastko building. The meeting was rather casual and the topics varied enormously. Of course, there were serious talks about Wikipedia and related stuff.According to Jimbo, he had a great time and hopes to visit us soon (we also hope so), specifically in October.
Further details at: sr:Википедија:Уживо/субота, 14. мај 2005. and sr:Википедија:Џимбо у Београду (Serbian cyrillic)

Petoria 20th April, 2005[edit]

Angela and Erik were in South Africa between April 18 and 21 for an International FLOSS and Free Knowledge Workshop run by the CSIR Open Source Centre and arranged the first ever Wikimedia meetup in Africa. It was held on Wednesday 20th April, 2005, at the Court Classique hotel in Pretoria. See Conference reports/FLOSS, South Africa 2005 for their report on the conference and the meetup.

5 March, Taipei, Taiwan[edit]

Spring Meetup in Taiwan

  • Participator:11 people
  • Discussion:welcome template, Taipedia, User Guide, a Chinese wikipedians' meetup?
  • more details......


27th to 29th December 2004 in Berlin[edit]

At the Chaos Communication Congress, the annual Conference of the Chaos Computer Club, a bunch of wikipedians met and had a lot of fun together. There was also a meeting of the mediawiki developers. Read more.... See also Pictures

4 December, Taipei, Taiwan[edit]

The 2nd Taiwan wikipedian Meetup

  • Participator:4 wikipedians + 1 friend + 1 Journalist
  • more details......

27 November 2004, Rotterdam[edit]

Dutch Wikipedians arranged a Wikimedia meetup in Rotterdam. Unlike most other events, this was a complete symposion, with presentations about Wikipedia and Wiktionary. Many prominent users from dutch wikipedia like nl:gebruiker:oscar, André Engels, GerardM and en:user:Waerth who managed to come from Thailand were present. The wikimedia board, Jimbo Wales, Angela and Anthere, held their first real life board meeting.

18th September in Florence (Firenze)[edit]

Meeting in Firenze - Sept. 2004

3rd - 7th September in Linz cyberarts festival 2004[edit]

Wikipedians with Jimbo at the Wikipedia booth at Ars Electronica

From Sept 3-7, 2004, Wikipedia was present at the Ars Electronica Cyberarts Festival in Linz, Austria. Wikipedia had won a Golden Nica in the category digital communities of the Prix Ars Electronica and Jimbo Wales was invited to speak at the presentation of the prize winning projects. Read more...

4 Sep, Taipei, Taiwan[edit]

This meetup is The FIRST Taiwan wikimedia users Meetup in Taiwan.

31st August 2004 in London (BBC)[edit]

Tuesday August 31, 2004. Jimbo and Angela spoke to the BBC and later held a public talk about Wikipedia in London. See BBC#New Media.

28th August 2004 in Utrecht[edit]

Sitting under an immortalised argument

Utrecht: August 28th Jimbo met for the first time (11) wikipedians from the Dutch-language Wiki (regretfully, none of the Belgians could make it) in the center of Utrecht. nl:Wikipedia:Ontmoeten/Plaatsgevonden The meeting was a great succes, plans for a big global Wikipedia Conference were discussed, which would be the logical follow-up of a Dutch-language conference, which is currently planned for november 27th in Rotterdam.

(see nl:Overleg_Wikipedia:Symposium/Najaar_2004)

4th July 2004 in Paris[edit]

Meeting in Paris

27th June 2004 Genoa (Genova)[edit]

Image of meeting in Genova

Genova June 27 Wikipedia a Genova, capitale europea della cultura 2004

19th June 2004 Munich (München)[edit]

When Jimbo came to Munich, Wikipedians from there arranged a very crazy Barbecue at Elvis' house. Hella brought a wikipedia t-shirt she'd let produce but it turned out too small, so she gave it to elian (the spelling mistake was found when I tried it on). Discussion topics ranged from VfD over trolls to the kamelopedia.

Not exhaustive list of people present: Jimbo Wales, Fantasy, elian, Ilja, Doc Sleeve, Elvis untot (host), tk, Swing, Barbarossa, Dingo, Ringo111, SirJective, JfA, fexxx, Hella, Thomas, Robodoc, Marco Pellegrino, Blauer elephant

10th-12th June 2004 Berlin[edit]

Elian, Jimmy Wales and Harko on the improvised Wikipedia-Stand beside WOS3 (Friday). There were sold the first WikiReaders.

Wizards of OS from June 10-12 2004 was one of biggest german wikipedia meetups. Jimbo held a talk at the conference and the wikipedians there organized - rather spontaneously - a booth to present the first two Wikireaders which had just gone into print. At a big party at the C-Base, the 100 000th article of german wikipedia was celebrated. On sunday, the german Wikimedia association, Wikimedia Deutschland was founded and Jimbo was elected as a honorary member.

Eben Moglen of the Free Software Foundation (M.) and Jimmy Wales, talking on the WOS3 about FDL 2.0.

The meeting in Berlin was a big success. Read more at Weekend in Berlin. See also Pictures

5th June 2004 London[edit]

Jimbo and Arno

Friday June the 4th Jimbo met Arno Lagrange in person for Jimbo's first international meeting with another Wikipedian. They talk together about ESTU project.

Jimbo meeting wikipedians

Saturday June the 5th Jimbo met a group of Wikipedians in person for the first time ever in London today. He spoke for an hour and a half about current Wikimedia issues, the Wikiholicspedians socialised and we had a Wikipedia quiz. Then we went to the pub. Attendees included Angela, Arkady Rose, Arno Lagrange, Bodnobod, Camembert, Charles Matthews, Christine Wales, David Gerard, Enchanter, Ed g2s, Fuzheado, G-Man, James F., Jimbo Wales, JPF, Kira Wales, Morwen, MykReeve, Nommonomanac, Oliver Pereira, theresa knott (after all), VampWillow, Warofdreams, Kevin Burley (unregistered user) plus many many others ... Pictures by Arno Lagrange 

4th April, 2004, Warsaw, Poland[edit]

Second meeting of Polish Wikipedians. 9 participants were talking and drinking beer for about 3 hours. See more details (in Polish) and pictures: pl:Wikipedia:Zlot Wikipedystów


28th. October in Munich[edit]

On the 18th of October Elian and Fantasy proposed that it would be nice to meet each other after all this edits/discussions together, so why not ask others if they would like to join. Five people then met on the 28th of October in Munich and it was a really nice evening. More about the things discussed can be found in the Munich Meetup Archive (german).



  • Brussels: 8-9 february 2003, Europe at fosdem
Er... too late guys. It's almost the end of March now.
  • Geneva: when?
    • How about December? Then swing through the World Summit on the Information Society. Of course, I'm not in Europe, so don't mind me... ;-) -- Stephen Gilbert

United States[edit]

  • Boston: April 2003
  • New York City: end of May 2003

Comment below on where & when you would like to meet.

Jimbo proposed the following meetups and times:

Summer/Fall, 2003, East coast of US
Winter/Spring, 2004, West coast of US (Vegas, baby!)
Summer/Fall, 2004, Europe
Winter/Spring, 2005, Asia/Australia

I suggest 8-9 february 2003, Europe at fosdem ( )

It is an a well-known university, in Brussels, Belgium

Very good idea

Youssefsan 18:26 Jan 24, 2003 (UTC)

As a reminder, several Eo-Wikipedians will be present at the Esperanto @ Interreto conference in Boston planned for circa Easter, April 2003. If any of you alilingvanoj will be in town and interested, we could have a little Wikipedia shindig. --Brion VIBBER 19:38 Jan 24, 2003 (UTC)

This may be a bad idea. Certainly, meeting in the US first to turn US contributors to the wikipedia into more of a community appeals to those who think conflict ought to be reduced, and groupthink encouraged. However, it is just as likely that cliques and cabals will develop and reinforce existing incorrect views. How about holding the meetings outside the US first, and not meeting in the US until the foreign wikipedians have had a chance to organize?

Great, then organize a meeting that's earlier and held whereever you think would be nice. Perhaps the above suggestion of Belgium in a couple of weeks? --Brion VIBBER 22:59 Jan 24, 2003 (UTC)
some say Switzerland is the last neutral place in Europe :-)
Hi all Grrrr withdrawl symptoms have brought me here. Geneva would be a good place to meet if you want to meet in Europe for the following reasons. 1)It's a very international city; many people speak English. 2)It's very easy to get to from many parts of the world. 3) They are used to holding a lot of conferences there. 4)I know a few good bars there. 5). I have to travel to Switzerland for work occasionally. The downside - 1). It's an expensive town. 2)They use the Swiss franc and not the Euro 3) erm.. I have to travel to Switzerland for work occasionally. 4). There are a few bars that know me there. Mintguy
Also, the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society is in Geneva in December. Maybe a group of European Wikipedians could get together and attend. -- Stephen Gilbert

To meet IRL could be the same thing as exclude a number of people, that can't be there, from giving there point of view. So - it's important that this meeting doesn't become a place where you dicide things. It should be a place where to make plan. The plan should be published here, and be discussed futher... Or what do you say?

Some decisions that don't restrict knowledge or create problems might be taken in such a meeting. For instance Access to usage logs might be negotiated with Wales. It seems clear he uses them for his own commercial purposes now - with Nupedia. Under some schedule, though, they ought to be available to those contributing and publicizing the wikipedia as well. Some measures could be taken to keep them from being used by, or useful to, commercial competitors.
I'm curious to hear what you think he's doing with them. Perhaps selling the FBI the IPs of anarchists? ;) Aggregate stats compiled from the apache logs are available at & co, updated occasionally. (Should be nightly, but the cron job isn't set up yet.) --Brion VIBBER 00:53 Jan 27, 2003 (UTC)
These aggregated stats tell us very little Brion.
And what do you want to know that I can help you with? --Brion VIBBER

Meetups definately help putting names to faces and the like. Count me in in principle (Europe), and I'll be in in practice when there's a date. MyRedDice

As for the East Coast US, if it's in one of the northern states (like Maine ;), I might be able to make the trip from Eastern Canada. Assuming I don't get shot at the border, that is. -- Stephen Gilbert

I could come to a trip in NYC, but probably not Boston. If you want to exclude me because I'm just a little kid, I understand. w:User:LittleDan

Nonsense. Age is irrelevent; you do good work. Get your friends to write for Wikipedia, too. Anyway, I might be able to make the trip to Boston, but not New York, unless Jimmy buys everyone plane tickets (kidding! I'm kidding!). If you want to exclude me because I'm an Atlantic Canadian, I understand. :) The unfortunate truth is, some people will be unable to come no matter where the meetups are held. -- Stephen Gilbert 15:23 21 Mar 2003 (UTC)
Maybe some people could join us via voice chat or IRC.

We just set up Wikipedia meetup at --Chuck SMITH

monthly? Seems a bit frequent - quarterly might make more sense?
Also, I can't figure out how to put my name down for a possible London meetup, even though I live closest to Birmingham...
"international Wikipedia meetup day" was yesterday - I assume it was a non-event? ;-)