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Wikipedia raster name

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This page is for developing rasterized images that depict the name Wikipedia, in capital letters, translated into multiple languages. These images are intended to be used in logos, as described at Final logo variants.

To get rasterized names, we must first have the names themselves...

This list may not be complete. See List of Wikipedias.

If the word for "Wikipedia" in a language you know has a ? next to it, but you know it to be correct, please remove the question mark. Otherwise, if you can correct it, please do so.

You can also check what has been found in Wikipedia in other languages.

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lang. code lang. name "Wikipedia" 135-pixel-wide raster image
af Afrikaans Wikipedia
ar Arabic ويكيبيديا
bg Bulgarian Уикипедия
bs Bosnian Wikipedia
ca Catalan Viquipèdia
cs Czech Wikipedie
cy Welsh Wicipedia
da Danish Wikipedia
de German Wikipedia
el Greek Βικιπαίδεια
en English Wikipedia
eo Esperanto Vikipedio
es Spanish Wikipedia
et Estonian Vikipeedia
eu Basque Wikipedia
fa Persian ویکی‌پدیا
fab Annobonese Uikipedia
fi Finnish Wikipedia
fr French Wikipédia
fy Frisian Wikipedy
ga Irish Vicipéid
gd Scots Gaelic Wikipedia
gl Galician Wikipedia
gv Manx Gaelic Wikipedia
he Hebrew ויקיפדיה
hi Hindi विकिपीडिया
hr Croatian Wikipedia
hu Hungarian Wikipédia
ia Interlingua Wikipedia
id Indonesian Wikipedia
it Italian Wikipedia
ja Japanese ウィキペディア
km Khmer វិគីភីឌា
ko Korean 위키백과사전
ks Kashmiri विकिपीडिया
ku Kurdish Wîkîpediya
la Latin Vicipædia
lt Lithuanian Wikipedia
lv Latvian Wikipēdija
mk Macedonian википедиа ?
ml Malayalam വിക്കിപീഡിയ
mr Marathi विकिपीडिया
ms Malay Wikipedia
na Nauru Wikipedia ?
nah Nahuatl Huiquipedia
nl Dutch Wikipedia
no Norwegian Wikipedia
nds Low German Wikipedia
oc Occitan Wikipèdia
om Oromo Wikanpodia ?
pa Punjabi ਵਿਕੀਪੀਡੀਆ
pl Polish Wikipedia
pt Portuguese Wikipédia
ro Romanian Wikipedia
ru Russian Википедия
sa Sanskrit विकिपीडिया
sk Slovak Wikipédia
sq Albanian Wikipedia
sl Slovenian Wikipedija
sr Serbian Википедија
scn Sicilian Wikipedia
sv Swedish Wikipedia
sw Swahili Wikipedia
tet Tetum Wikipédia
tl Tagalog Wikipedia
tr Turkish Vikipedi (VİKİPEDİ)
tt Tatar Wikipediä (WİKİPEDİÄ)
ur Urdu ويکيپيڈيا
vi Vietnamese Wikipedia
vo Volapük Vükiped
wa Walloon Wikipedia
wen Sorbian Wikipedija
zh Chinese 維基百科