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List of Wikimedians by race and/or ethnicity

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Wikipedia has users from all over the world, so naturally there are many races represented by those users.

  • Ken Bogan African American- maybe I'm an American who moved from Africa or maybe I'm a Martian who moved to the USA.
  • Vicent I moved to the U.S. 10 years ago and am now a high school senior soon leaving for college.
  • Sungmanitu We are all African. My ancestors came out of Africa about 60,000 years ago (although it's possible I have more recent African ancestors and just don't know it).



(Native) American (Indian)

  • ImageObserver OK, I guess I have to tell the truth. I AM NOT HUMAN
  • Sabbut - well, not really... I'm just a modest Ultra-Humanoid. HAHAHAHAHA!!!
It would probably be boastful if I myself included in this category.--Anglius 19:37, 7 February 2006 (UTC)[reply]

There are way too many ethnicities in Asia. Lets start somewhere: (sorted alphabetically)











(is this a nationality or ethnicity , or both ?) - A nationality. The prominent ethnic group in Nihon is called Yamato.







Sri Lankan






Bovine (this really ought to be MOOOOved to the meta)


Canine (likes to pant and howl)

  • Jyril This definitely includes me :)
  • Hołek tilt, tilt... program over...

Divine (omnipresent and therefore transparent race)

  • Dante Alighieri, finally, my race got listed!
  • Dyss Being the most inteligent and sophisticated human in history I now declare myself Divine. You may woship me
  • GrazingshipIV - Finally a listing for me, somehow I knew this page would be created hmmm ;)
  • Todd W. Smith - To put an end to all of the religious warring and fighting around the world, I propose a simple solution: start worshipping me as God. But, daily, people just call me BLASPHEMOUS and come after me with their torches and crappy fires... those silly people, ho ho ho. Frightening stuff, there.
  • Xeresblue
  • ang:User:Hard-or (Aasimar Moon-Elf)

T. Anthony-Not my race exactly, but I am under four feet tall.



I live in the US,however I speak/write British English. Theres no such nationality as American becuase nobody's ancestors(Including so-called native) are from there. We are not from chimps.

Koldfusion11 Half Italian, Quarter Irish, Quarter Austrian.

Extradimensional (all-swirly-and-spectral race)


(let's not forget the Great Old Ones... Nyarlathotep would get pissed)

Extraterrestrial (green race)


(distant planets and such)

Feline (pink under all that fur race)

  • jquarry: Hey, at least I don't go around sniffing butts.


  • Fruggo (I am born as Fruggo Nosebearer, son of a female halfling and a male tiefling - sorry, played too much d&d)

Latino / Hispanic


Latinos or Hispanics as used in the USA includes people from different races: descendants of Amerindians (American Indians, aborigines, native Americans) from Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, etc., descendants of Europeans from Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, etc., descendants of sub-Saharan Africans from Dominican Republic, Brazil, Panama, etc., and a variety of Asians (Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Pakistanis, Japanese, Koreans, etc.) from Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, etc, or a mixture of any of these aforementioned. Thus it is incorrect to categorize Latinos as one race (it's like saying that all Americans in the US make up one race). The confusion may due to the fact that most Hispanics in the USA are of Mexican origin, and most of them are either Amerindians or of mixed European and Amerindian descent (most white Mexicans don't migrate). The most common phenotype among Hispanics, therefore, is that of a Mexican mestizo or a Mexican aborigine (undistinguishable from Navajos, Dakotas, Shoshone, Cherokees, etc. from the USA). The second most common phenotype is the Mediterranean/Middle Eastern physique; light olive skin, almond shaped eyes (mostly dark brown or hazel), thick hair, and strong facial features. These tend to be mistaken very often with Italians, Portuguese and Middle Eastern, since most of them are from Spaniard descendant.

Hooloovoo (superintelligent shades of the colour blue)


Human (on a pogo stick)

  • Cimon Avaro on a pogo stick (sub-ethnically half-Savonian, quarter Tavastian and quarter Karelian)
  • JeffyJeffyMan2004
  • JB82
  • Dave The concept of race is an artificial human construct with no basis in science. It's a load of crap foisted on everybody by people who have nothing better to do than to think up reasons why people shouldn't hang out together. Boring, annoying, and just plain stupid.

Human (approximately, without pogo stick)


Human (plain normal, thanks)

  • Idont Havaname... I guess I'm the first human here.
  • Ken Bogan Second human here!
  • Pfv2
  • Verdasuno One race! Human race!
  • "Well as the 'Human Race' is just that not a collection of many races, I am Human. I may be ethnically Germanic and Celtic but I am racially Human!"
  • Lusus - Im sub-racially Portuguese, racially White, and my species is the Human kind.

Infernal (Muahahaha! Mortals tremble before me!)

  • Anonunit - Nobody else had taken this. Also, I killed the Devil. Sir_Royius lies!
  • Sir_Royius - I really killed the devil. Anon just took the credit.



dont listen to wikipeadea

  • en:Itai (whatever it was he said)
  • Nahum (Hab SoSlI' Quch!)
  • omoo (tIhIngan yoH law Hoch yoH puS)

Lupine (would werewolves identify here?)

  • Darkhorse: A genuine arctic wolf here. Hello, world!

See also: Wikipedians categorized by sub-cultural affiliation.

Octomaroon (eight-legged and brick-red)


Porcine (likes to root around in the mud)

  • Ikar.us not that, but loving plush pigs
  • Citizen Premier Hey, I was elected. So what if I was the only name on the ballot!



Ursine (I can't BEAR this much longer)


Vogon (like to hear my poetry?)

  1. Sarazyn

Vulcan (live long and prosper)

  • Ralgis - You can see that sign on my hand, right?

Vulpine (a real foxy bunch)


White (just White)

  • nzzl why those other crackerz gott make a political thing out of it? you'r white! get over it!

Zergling (yeah, those little guys in StarCraft)

  • GTubio, I definitely must be this.


  • hoshie: Race Does NOT Matter!
  • Imma, simply, because I'm of many races and there's no "mixed" or "multi-ethnic/racial" category.
  • Magadan Categorizing people by race is very, very out of fashion in my country (Germany) since 1945.
  • Mbecker, I think that categorizing oneself by race is as bad as categorizing oneself by religion. It shouldn't matter (even though I don't care if people know what race I am).
  • utcursch
  • zeno, well, categorizing oneself by "race" is worse, as you may (more or less) freely choose your religion. Hm, well, you can somewhat choose your race, too ;-)
  • Gerrit, what a bullshit.
  • Bastique, isn't "bullshit" plural?

Don't know

  • Node ue 06:09, 21 Jan 2005 (UTC) I'm not really into marathons.
  • Mikez I don't know what this 'race' is called, but it consists of all thinking, self-aware beings whithin the observable universe.
  • TakuyaMurata What is my race?
  • Aalahazrat People from most races reject me as one of them. So Here I am ... Confused and Dejected.
  • Rootlevel I am a race of my own.

All of the Above