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Wikisource Community User Group/2016 Report

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Report of the Wikisource Community User Group for 2016.



Wikimedia Conference 2016


The Wikimedia Conference is always an important moment in the life of Wikimedia affiliates: it's a great opportunity for reporting, networking and also advocacy. We participated this year (as always) to make the voice of Wikisource communities heard, and we are proud to admit that we are developing very good relations with the WMF and other chapters. We had very fruitful discussions with the Community Tech team, for example, and on Phabricator (list below) you can see there are a few issues that have been worked on.

WikiCite 2016

  • Presentation and discussions at WikiCite 2016 in May.
  • Work on a data model for books
  • Improvement of workflows around scholarly articles

This work sparked some futher discussion on Wikidata.

Wikimania 2016

Wikisource at Wikimania 2016

Presentations and Wikisource meetup at Wikimania 2016 in June.

Wiksource at the WikiConvention francophone 2016

Some wikisourcerors at the WikiConvFR

Presentations and Wikisource meetup at the WikiConvention francophone 2016 organised by WikiFranca and Wikimédia France in August.

This was the first French Wikisource meetup ever, with contributors from all over the world. There was 16 wikisourcerers including 5 people from Canada. A lot of knowledge and how-to has been exchanged, some projects and ideas emerged during this convention (among others: a demonstration to a Basque constributor for relaunching the Wikisource in Basque).

2016 Community Wishlist Survey


We took part in the 2016 Community Wishlist Survey and cast 228 votes for Wikisource-related proposals. The top ten were:

Rank Proposal Votes Tickets
20 Create new Han Characters with IDS extension for Wikisource 53 phabricator:T154044
73 Upload Wikisource text wizard 24 phabricator:T154413
85 Automated reader's portal 21
101 Support Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) 18
130 Spelling- and typo-checking system for proofreading 13
133 Integrate the CIS-LMU Post Correction Tool 13
139 Make Wikisource "book-based" 12 phabricator:T17071
148 Semi-automated tool for importing Wikisource data from standard header template into Wikidata items 11
156 Delete all NS:Page while deleting an index file 11 phabricator:T146587
165 Add simple filters to Danmichaelo's CropTool 10

The two main projects worked on were: adding DjVu-generation to IA Upload (#73 on this year's wishlist); and building a gadget for using Google OCR for languages not supported by existing OCR tools (#25 on last year's wishlist). We managed to complete this to projects with the help of the Community Tech team for the Google OCR.

We also did some work on adapting the VisualEditor to work with the ProofreadPage extension. It have been deployed on the Page: namespace that is heavily customized by this extension.


  • Milestones:
    • March 2016: Bengali and Tamil ranked in Top 10 Wikisource in terms of total pages
  • Maillist stats:
Month January February March April May June July August September October November December
Number of messages 61 42 30 35 46 21 11 26 30 23 42 16

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