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The WMF friendly space policy applies to the Wikisource conference and all associated fringe events.

The registration deadline was on November 4, 2015. For question regarding your registration please contact the conference team.

Some of the outcomes of the conference can be found here:

Participants survey

Registered participants[edit]

Note: This list is maintained by the conference organizers. It is a work in progress and may change any time.

  1. A3AREL
  2. Andrea Zanni, Aubrey, Wikimedia Italia
  3. Arxivist, Wikimedia Ukraine
  4. Austriantraveler
  5. Asaf Bartov, Ijon, Wikimedia Foundation
  6. Bodhisattwa Mandal, Bodhisattwa
  7. Boshomi
  8. Braveheart
  9. Charles Matthews, Wikimedia UK
  10. Christian Bacchi
  11. Danny B.
  12. David Saroyan, Armenian Wikisource, Wikimedia Armenia
  13. Dick Bos, Dick_Bos, Wikimedia NL
  14. Eduardo Testart Wiegand, 3BRBS, Wikimedia Chile
  15. Edward Hayes
  16. Ernest Boucher, Ernest-Mtl, Wikimedia Canada
  17. Eusebia Parrotto, EusebiaP, Wikimedia Italia
  18. Fabian Tompsett, Leutha
  19. Frances Hocutt, Fhocutt (WMF), WMF Community Tech
  20. Helmi Hamdi, helmoony, Arabic Wikisource.
  21. Hubertl
  22. Ilario Valdelli, ilario, Wikimedia CH
  23. Jean-Frédéric Berthelot, Wikimédia France
  24. Johan Jönsson, Johan (WMF)
  25. KuboF, Wikimedia Slovakia, Esperanto and Free Knowledge
  26. Manojk
  27. Mardetanha, Iranian Wikimedians User Group
  28. Mark Van den Borre,
  29. Mathieu Stumpf Guntz, psychoslave, Local referent for Alsace in the Wikimedia France chapter
  30. Nicolas Vigneron, VIGNERON, Wikimédia France
  31. Pierre-Yves Beaudouin, Pyb
  32. Rachel Farrand, adorabutton, Wikimedia Foundation
  33. Rachmat04, Wikimedia Indonesia
  34. René Mettke
  35. Renessaince, WM user group Belarus
  36. Satdeep Gill
  37. Stuart Prior, battleofalma, Wikimedia UK
  38. Susanna Mkrtchyan, Wikimedia Armenia
  39. Tpt
  40. Tobias Schönberg, tobias1984, Wikidata Community
  41. WikiAnika
  42. Wilma Verburg, WeeJeeVee, Wikimedia NL
  43. William Wyatt, Wittylama, Europeana
  44. Zvi Devir, Hebrew Wikisource

Your plans[edit]

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Maybe 50%[edit]

No, I'm really sorry but I can't! 0%[edit]