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Wikisource EditInSequence

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Wikisource EditInSequence is a new OOUI based editing interface designed to streamline the process of editing Page: namespace pages sequentially on Wikisource. It is implemented inside the ProofreadPage extension and is inspired by the popular gadget/user-script of the same name.

Background information[edit]

The ProofreadPage extension allows for the creation for multiple Page: pages under one Index: page. However, the default editing interface provided by ProofreadPage is slow and requires multiple context switches, reloads and long save times. The user has to make uneccesary clicks while navigating to new pages to go back into the editing interface.

EditInSequence started as a userscript made by Alex brollo that allowed the user to edit multiple pages in the Page: namespace connected to a single Index: page without having to reload the page. It affords users a faster editing experience and gets rid of the context switching present in the default UI. However, the user-script/gadget was only availiable in select Wikisources, such as the Neapolitan Wikisource, the Italian Wikisource and the Bengali Wikisource and lacked proper integration with ProofreadPage, having issues in areas such as interacting with the Page: Openseadragon viewer and image retrieval.

This project aims to integrate elements of the EditInSequence userscript into a new editing interface inside ProofreadPage that will allow Wikisource users to benefit from the speed and ease of use provided by EditInSequence without having to install any wiki-specifc user-scripts.


As a first iteration/MVP we want to create a seperate editing mode and implement the following features:

  • Ability to navigate between pages without having to reload Done
  • Ability to preview a page without reload Done
  • Some way to change the Page: proofread level Done
  • Allow for scan to be changed when navigating to a different page Done
  • Integrate scan changes with existing Wikimedia OCR codebase Done
  • Some form of saving mechanism Done

Strech goals/Future work[edit]

  • Ability to navigate to any other page (other than previous and next)
  • Preloading OCRed content/text layers into textbox
  • Mechanism to not lose current edits when navigating away (possibly integrated with the upcoming Edit Recovery feature).

Screenshots and Mockups[edit]


The latest version of the EditInSequence editing mode can be found at Beta Wikisource. If you want to test it out, navigate to [1] and click on "Edit pages in sequence".


This project is being developed as part of a Wikimedia Italia grant in 2022, by Sohom Datta under the guidance of Sam Wilson and Ruthven.