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Wikisource Loves Manuscripts is a call-to-action and a project to support the digitization of manuscripts on Wikisource.

This page contains a list of digitization activities of WILMA project.


Preserving manuscripts in Bali


The Wikisource Loves Manuscript program for the first time conducted a digital preservation mission of manuscripts in the Klungkung area, Bali, Indonesia. This activity was supported by the Bali Wikisource community initiated by Carma Citrawati who acted as an academic expert, accompanied by two photographers, namely Kasu Wardana and Gesram Dwijayana with supervision of Ilham Nurwansah and Lilis Shofiyanti from the PPIM. The mission was carried from March 14-17, 2023.

About The collection[edit]

The collection digitized in this mission is 30 lontar bundles written in Balinese script located in the Banjar Tojan Kaler area, Tojan village of Klungkung regency, Bali, which is privately owned by Made Oka Suryawan Salain, a local religious leader. This collection was examined and catalogued in 2020 in the WikiLontar project. However, in the WikiLontar project, only two front pages and two back pages of each bundle were photographed. So that a complete photo of the contents of a more complete pages was carried out in the WILMA program. This mission resulted 1.057 images of palm-leaf manuscripts.

Activity Gallery[edit]

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Balai Bahasa Bali[edit]

The digitization of the Bali Language Center's collection will be conducted from May 11th to June 2nd, 2023. This activity aims to preserve 189 bundles of lontar manuscript.

Special Region of Yogyakarta (Java)[edit]

Javanese manuscript digitization

Gajahmada University[edit]

This activity has been done, and now on the process of verification.

Wayang Beber Museum of Sekartaji[edit]

The manuscript collection at the Sekartaji Wayang Beber Museum in Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta was digitized on May 4-9, 2023. The collection contains 30 manuscripts, consisting of Javanese and Pegon script texts on paper, as well as Javanese and Balinese lontar manuscripts. The museum is privately owned by Indra Suroinggeno.

Private collections in Gunung Kidul[edit]

This activity has been done, and now on the process of verification.

West Sumatra[edit]

Done. Report will be available soon.