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This document aims at providing an overview of goals for Wikisource coordination regarding documentation, practices and solutions.

It araised from observation that we need a coordination place to document all the best practices, styling templates, scripts, gadgets, modules, tools, and so on, as well as the known pitfall one should avoid.

The idea is that new and weak Wikisource communities can pick them up quickly, but also that already well established communities benefit more from each other creativity and solutions, while ease the life of those willing to help in several languages, as well as better pool the help provided to accompany the path of newcomers.

The purpose of this page it is not to provide a detailed answer to all of this topics, but rather to be a point of entry toward them when they exists, and help coordinate their creation when they don't.

Best Practices[edit]

Welcoming of Newcomers[edit]

Patterns and Antipatterns[edit]

Offline contribution and batch synchronization[edit]

Unlike a modern Code Versioning System (CVS), we currently don't provide obvious way to easily synchronize works hosted on Wikisource repositories to ease offline contribution. This is however something that is possible using some dedicated scripts or more generalist solution creating abstraction layer on top of Mediawiki API. This section should document both what is currently available on this regard, and related projects for improving the situation.


Source Code and Software[edit]






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