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To avoid one word being used for multiple separate concepts, or vice versa, a short vocabulary follows below. This will be expanded as more commonly misused/confusing terms are identified. Swedish translations appear in parentheses.

recitation (uppläsning)
When the software reads text aloud to the user. The term is used to disambiguate from when a user reads text.
highlighting (uppmärkning)
When the software changes the appearance of a certain element to make the user take note of it. This will be used to show what part of the text is currently being recited. Not to be confused with selecting.
selecting (markering)
When the user selects elements using input methods, such as mouse or keyboard. This will be used to determine what text will be recited. Though selecting causes elements to change appearance, typically colours, this should not be confused with highlighting.
skipping (hoppande)
Having the software go on to the start of the next (or previous) unit being recited. A unit can vary, e.g. word or sentence.
A sentence-size unit of text that when passed on to Speechoid will turn into an utterance.
A word-size unit of text produced by Speechoid from breaking up a segment in pieces.
utterance (yttrande)
A unit of continuous speech.[1]
utterance metadata
Information about an utterance created internally by Wikispeech, e.g. unique identifier, segment hash value, timestamp stored, etc.
utterance audio
Audio file with the synthesized speech.
synthesis metadata
Information about an utterance created by Speechoid, e.g. segment text broken down in phonem tokens on a timeline.

To be defined[edit]