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Wikicontest Theory of History


The Wikicontest Theory of History is a competition of edits of articles in the Lusophone Wikipedia. It is part of the activities of the Wikisul User Group and a originated from the *Theory of History on Wikipedia, hosted at the Federal University of Santa Catarina since its beginning at 2018.

The selection of the competition entries was carried out keeping in mind four thematic axes: "Methodology, Approaches and Genres", "Historiography", "Temporalities, Concepts and Categories" and "Places". All entries selected for the contest can be checked here. However, this list may be reinforced during the period of the contest, so if you have any suggestions for entries to be included, please send them to us through our e-mail:

Also be sure to check the rules governing the contest and see the awards, which go up to R$ 1.250,00.

Wikicontest period: from July 19 to August 30, 2021.

Overall Schedule

  • July 19: Start of contest + First edit-a-thon
  • July 26: Second edit-a-thon
  • July 28: Submission for featured article
  • August 03: Third edit-a-thon
  • August 13: Fourth edit-a-thon

  • August 19: Fifth edit-a-thon
  • August 25: Sixth Edit-a-thon
  • August 30: End of contest
  • October 25: End period for submission for featured article
  • November 30: Deadline for announcing the winners


During the period of the contest, six editing marathons will be held to clarify the contest rules and to train new and old editors in basic or advanced editing. There will also be space for editing the entries selected for the competition.


Date: 19 de julho

Time: 17 horas (BRT) / xx horas (PT)

Local: xxxxxxx

Wikimedian facilitator: Sarah Pereira Marcelino

Date: 26 de julho

Time: 10 horas (BRT) / xx horas (PT)

Local: xxxxxxx

Wikimedian facilitator: Alexandre Fiori

Date: 02 de agosto

Time: xx horas (BRT) / xx horas (PT)

Local: xxxxxxx

Wikimedian facilitator:

Date: 09 de agosto

Time: 19h horas (BRT) / xx horas (PT)

Local: xxxxxxx

Wikimedian facilitator: Danielly Campos Dias

Date: 16 de agosto

Time: xx horas (BRT) xx horas (PT)

Local: xxxxxxx

Wikimedian facilitator:

Date: 23 de agosto

Time: xx horas (BRT) xx horas (PT)

Local: xxxxxxx

Wikimedian facilitator:

The facilitators, whether Wikisul members or guests, are not necessarily part of the organizing committee.


Methodology, Approaches and Genres
Temporalities, Concepts and Categories

Judges and Criteria


The jury team will include two renowned members of the Brazilian Society of Theory and History of Historiography (ABTH), who will judge the quality of the articles' content; two experienced Wikipedians, who will assess the technical quality of the entries, and a member of Wikisul. Such people will not compete for the contest prizes.


The judges of the contest will analyze the entries taking into consideration eliminatory and classificatory criteria.

The eliminatory criteria are:

  • Conformity with Wikimedia standards, especially regarding human rights and non-discriminatory texts.
  • Integrity of the information recorded on the contest page, especially regarding the contributions made.
  • Originality of the content, i.e. not being a translation of a Wikipedia entry in another language.
  • Minimum technical standards required by the lusophone Wikipedia.

The qualifying criteria are:

  • Amount of content added or improved on the Lusophone Wikipedia.
  • Use of authoritative sources for authoring the text of the entry.
  • Inteligibility of the text of the entry
  • number of articles promoted to feature articles or good articles
  • organized, minimalist, and up-to-date wiki code
  • Relationship with the community (if there was an edit war, how it was managed, if there were blocks, etc.).

Entries who do not sufficiently meet the above criteria will not be reviewed to compete for awards (e.g. adding a translation, using questionable sources, or making serious grammatical errors).


  • 01 Prize of $ 1.250,00 (first place)
  • 01 Prize of $ 750.00 (second place)
  • 01 Prize of $ 300.00 (third place)
  • 01 Prize of $ 150.00 (fourth place)
  • 01 Prize of $ 50.00 (fifth place)
Prize delivery condition
  • All prizes will be offered as gift-cards (available at Submarino).
    • Any winners residing in other countries outside Brazil will therefore be subject to Submarino's policies and restrictions on delivery of purchases.
  • It is imperative that the publisher has entered a valid e-mail address for contact.
  • The delivery period of the prize depends on numerous factors such as contribution count and contact response.
  • We expect to complete all deliveries by November 30, 2021. Good luck!

In the media

Organizing Committee

The members of the organizing committee are: Alexandre Fiori, Ana Cristina Peron, Danielly Campos Dias, Felipe da Fonseca, Flávia Varella, Rodrigo Bonaldo, Sarah Pereira Marcelino and Stanglavine. Such people will not compete for the contest prizes.

ORGANIZATION: Wikisul User Group

GRANT: Theory of History on Wikipedia

SUPPORT: Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazilian Society of Theory and History of Historiography


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