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Wikitainment Guides

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Wikitainment Guides is a proposal for a wiki designed to focus on all contemporary entertainment people, fiction and concepts.

Closely tied with Wikipedia, "Wikitainment Guides" will contain all the pop cult info about characters, episodes, series, comic book issues, movies, singers, bands, labels, trivia and videogames that is often labeled as "un-encyclopedic" by deletionist Wikipedia editors.

Wikitainment Guides would comprehend Video Games, Television, Radio, Movie, Comics and Music "guides" very interconnected, as there are often adaptations and crossed references from one media to the other (Batman, Star Wars, The Simpsons, Superman, Mortal Kombat, Mickey Mouse and several others have been adapted to several or all of these media).


The idea behind the Wikitainment Guides is creating a series of entertainment guides taking the pop culture articles, trivia and references out of Wikipedia. It will contain all the pop cult info about characters, episodes, series, comic book issues, movies, singers, bands, labels and videogames that is often labeled as "un-encyclopedic" by deletionist Wikipedia editors.Wikipedia could move the information there. This would save a great deal of edit conflicts between Deletionist and inclusionist editors.

It will be divided in 7 or more classifications:

  1. Video Games articles.
  2. Television articles.
  3. Films articles.
  4. Comics articles.
  5. Music articles.
  6. Radio articles.
  7. Toys articles.

Another possibility is instead of creating a whole new wiki, creating this wiki within Wikipedia and keep it working together as a siamese twin sister project of Wikipedia, or a "sub-wiki".


Wikitainment Guides would also follow most of Wikipedia policies such as no POV, impartiality, reliable and verifiable sources, writing guidelines differing only a little in article organization and content restrictions.

Formatting and guidelines[edit]

Wikitainment Guides will follow a very similar structure to Wikipedia's.

Subsidiary Articles, and Subarticles[edit]

In comparison with Wikipedia, Wikitainment Guides will have more defined and emphasized subsidiary articles and sub articles hierarchy, following a slightly different format reflecting the fact that are not independent articles (for instance, lists of items belonging to the main articles, like [[/Characteres|Characters]], [[/Episodes|Episodes]], [[/Crew|Crew]], [[/Albums|Albums]], [[/Seasons|Seasons]], [[/Movies|Movies]], [[/Powers|Powers]], [[/Early life]], [[/Games|Games]] , etc) and subarticles (a subarticle might serve to more than one article, so it wouldn't use the (/)).

When there is a lack of info added by the editors, sub articles and subsidiary articles can (or not) start as sections of the main article and then, as the amount of verifiable info is increased by editors, moved to the subsidiary page or sub article.

All of this will also reduce the need to create so many Wikipedia:WikiProjects to control the content.

  • Friends
    • /Episodes
      • The First One
      • The One with the Sonogram at the End
      • ...
      • The Last One
    • /Season synopsis
      • /01
      • /02
      • /03
      • /...
    • /Characters
      • Rachel Green
      • Monica Geller
      • Chandler Bing
      • ...
      • Tag
    • /References in other series
    • /Running gags
    • /Awards
    • /Broadcasting

This organization will allow all Friends related articles to be more efficiently organized and will handle them as a Wikipedia:WikiProject is handled.

NOTE: A consensus would be necessary to determine whether individual characters and/or episodes will be subsidiary articles or just regular articles.


All articles with the same variables would have their respective character/episode/show/movie/album/organization/game/place/species/etc. infoboxes to make it easier for the reader to compare and scan for information.

Navigation bar[edit]

Due to the nature of the content of this wiki, all articles are related to a series of other articles of a higher or lower hierarchy. The wiki should automatically generate a main navigation box or bar with the same format in every article containing links to the related lists of items.

The navigation bar should not include main characters or episodes itself, but it will link to the page with that content.


a. In the case of articles related to a TV show:

  • Show (as title of the bar)
    • /Characters
    • /Episodes
    • /Season synopsis
    • /Crew
    • /Awards
    • /etc.

b. In the case of articles related to a band or artist

  • Band/Artist
    • /Members
    • /Discography
    • /Songs
    • /Videos
    • /Awards
    • /etc.

c. In the case of articles related to Movies

  • Movie
    • /Characters
    • /Cast and crew
    • /Awards
    • /etc.

Proposed by[edit]

  • T-man - ajtorrepuerto@hotmail.com

Alternative names[edit]

  • Wikitainment Guide
  • Wikitainment, the Pop-cult Guides

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Domain names[edit]

  • www.wikitainment.com

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People interested[edit]

  1. T-man
  2. Sir James Paul
  3. --Crna Gora (en-wiki)
  4. Keith @ English and 中文
  5. Jayden54
  6. Saponification
  7. Maxipuchi
  8. Greeves
  9. desalvionjr
  10. --alexscho
  11. Peregrine Fisher We need this bad. If it goes anywhere, please contact me on wikipedia because I don't check meta very often.
  12. Gosox5555