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Wikiversity/What Wikiversity is not

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Wikiversity is a proposed Wikimedia project, whose mission is to develop educational resources and materials. This page is to outline some of the things it should not do.

What Wikiversity is not[edit]

  • A place to confer titles: Wikiversity does not provide for participants to call themselves a "professor" just by starting or leading a section of its content. If you are a professor in real life (TM), you are free to call yourself such, but Wikiversity does not allow for people to make up their own titles.
  • A degree-granting institution: Wikiversity does/will not confer academic degrees/diplomas/certificates etc.
  • A library: Wikiversity is not a repository of textbooks (Wikibooks), reference works (Wikipedia, Wiktionary) or original data (Wikiquote, Wikisource). But Wikiversity allows for the developing of such works in a collaborative learning environment. You can critique and create materials/knowledge - this can be used to then write books, wikipedia articles etc.
  • A university: Wikiversity will not confine itself to "higher" or "third" level materials, but rather develop materials for all agegroups. However, it will strive to act like a university or other institution of learning, in the sense of developing a community of teachers and learners ("universitas magistrorum et scholarium").