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Wikivoyage/Migration/New policies/Cross-identification of accounts

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Wikivoyage requires that accounts be cross-identified before assertions can be made by a new account of ownership and attribution on an imported account.

Edits made under a registered account name on the English version of wikitravel.org prior to the import of data from that site are now preserved under the same account name, but with a prefix (WT-en) to designate that all edits of that account were made on wikitravel.org. For example, wikitravel.org/en/User:Peterfitzgerald's edits are stored here under the account (WT-en) Peterfitzgerald.

Naturally users who have migrated here from wikitravel.org will want to take credit for their own proprietary work! But first we go through a verification process here to confirm that users are who they say they are.


Wikitravel has created a filter to prevent any mention of Wikivoyage.

The simplest way to confirm your account is to just log on to wikitravel.org and mention on your userpage that you have a WV account under the username X. wikitravel.org does not permit discussion or any perceived promotion of competing travel wikis, so that mention cannot remain—please remove it yourself immediately after posting it out of consideration for that site's policies. Add your verification request here immediately, so that an admin can double check and mark it verified.

You can also mention on your wikitravel userpage that you have an account on another Wikimedia project (e.g., Wikipedia, Meta, etc.), and then note on the Wikimedia project userpage that you are the same user as the Wikivoyage account requesting verification.

Failing that (this applies for users who have been blanket banned from editing wikitravel.org), if you have identified yourself in the past with a link to another profile elsewhere, such as your own website, or a user page on a different wiki, you can confirm your identity from that other profile. So, if you at some time logged on to wikitravel.org and stated that you are User:Y on Wikipedia, we can contact User:Y on Wikipedia to confirm.

None of these methods work![edit]

If the above methods don't work, leave a message explaining why on the talk page, and we'll see if there are any alternatives.

Who verifies[edit]

Any Wikivoyage administrator from the list below can verify that the verification statement was made:

What next[edit]

The verifying administrator can now move your original (WT-xx) user and user talk pages to your current user page, or simply provide a link, if you prefer. The (WT-xx) user page will not remain redirected, however, and will display a banner at the top explaining that the associated contributions of that account were exclusively made on wikitravel.org, as well as a link to your new Wikivoyage account.

Changes to (WT-xx) user pages can only be made by administrators.

After cross-indentifying on your home language version (or here on General), simply add interwiki links to your userpage to your other userpages on different language versions on which you are active to confirm your identity there.

But I wanna merge my accounts![edit]

You will need to cross-identify your account before you can merge. If you are cross-identified, you'll need to request a merge of your account separately on all language versions of Wikivoyage. For example, at the English version you can request a merge at Wikivoyage:User account migration.