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Wikiwallet is a physical cryptocurrency wallet that uses hardware to store users' private keys securely. These private keys are the essential information used to authorize outgoing transactions on the blockchain network. A physical wallet is comparable to a bank card, but it allows you to store several types of cryptocurrencies.

Historical values[edit]

Under the pressure of financial regulations, "physical bitcoins" (physical wallet containing its own private key) have not been marketed since 2018 in the world.[1]

Wikiwallet can be composed with physical wikicoins issued by countermarking them ; these coins may be legal tender currencies or precious metal coins based on time (man-day or man-hour).

When composed of precious metal coins and not loaded in cryptocurrency, wikiwallet has an intrinsic physical value that makes it like a collectible card.

Wikiwallet can however be loaded by design with an infinite number of cryptocurrencies.

Pygmalion project[edit]

Wikiwallet can be composed of physical coins numbered by countermarks in order to make them unique generally with a serial number and transformed into a community digital currency. The Wikimoney editor's proof of work is digitized by a time-stamped and geolocated photo; the latter is associated with an NFT via a blockchain oracle. As copyleft is based on copyright to guarantee the freedom of use of data, these wikicoins use cash to guarantee anonymous transactions in an open community.
Wikiwallet transform physical coin currencies edited by humans into physical cryptocurrency wallet : each voluteer is rewarded with an issue premium in proportion to their contributions.

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