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Femmes et Changement climatique 2021

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This page is a translated version of the page Women in Climate Change 2021 and the translation is 26% complete.
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Femmes et Changement climatique
1er décembre 2021 – 31 janvier 2022

C’est quoi, le contribuathon Femmes et Changement climatique ?

A two months edit-a-thon about women that are playing a crucial role in climate change

The Climate Action movement is led by women around the world, some very visibly like youth leaders Greta Thunberg and Vanessa Nakate, and women have taken leading roles in shaping public science and policy about the climate crisis, including Paris agreement facilitator Christiana Figueres or IPCC vice chair Carolina Vera. Help us write about these women and make them visible on more Wikipedias. Page in Italian.

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Quoi d'autre?

The campaign is cross-wiki - besides writing or improving Wikipedia articles - you can also contribute by creating new Wikidata items, uploading on Commons photos with free licenses or adding categories, writing an article on Wikinews or adding a new entry on Wikiquote, encouraging someone to become a Wikimedian or give some help to a new editor. Every single action is valuable.

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This is a joint activity of WikiDonne and the Wikimedia Sustainability Consortia.

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Online event:

Women in Red


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Liens externes

  • A to Z of Scientists in Weather and Climate (Notable Scientists), by Don Rittner, Facts on File (2003)
  • Warming the Climate for Women in Academic Science-Association of American Colleges and Universities, by Angela B. Ginorio, Association of American Colleges and Universities (1995)
  • Women and Climate Change in Bangladesh, by Margaret Alston, Routledge (2015)
  • Encyclopedia of global warming and climate change, by S. George Philander, Sage (2008)
  • Global Warming and Climate Change. Ten Years after Kyoto and Still Counting, by Velma I. Grover, Science Publishers (2008)
  • All We Can Save, by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine K. Wilkinson, One World (2020)

1 Million Women video



  • [vidéo] Donne e cambiamento climatico on YouTube Thursday December 2th, 18,30 CET. Guests: Meganne Christian (CNR), Michela Leonardi (University of Cambridge), Mirella Orsi (scientific communicator). Host: Camelia Boban (WikiDonne).


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