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Following are a few of the many proxies which forward for RFC 1918 (private) addresses. As of 2012, most of them are schools, hence they are blocked very regularly. It has been proposed that we add a feature to MediaWiki to expose the private address behind the proxy, for example using the notation " via". This would require changes (bugzilla:34288) to the IP registration and blocking code, to allow blocks of, for example, " via".

Proxy list[edit]

  • proxy-01.swgfl.ifl.net. - proxy-25.swgfl.ifl.net.
  • prx1.vicceo.schools.net.au. - prx10.vicceo.schools.net.au.
  • swwwfilter1.syd.ops.aspac.uu.net. - swwwfilter11.syd.ops.aspac.uu.net.
  • proxy230.sowashco.k12.mn.us.
  • netapp0.wcpss.net - netapp3.wcpss.net
  • bess-proxy.gcsny.org.
  • webcache.d117.org.
  • prx1.cn1.myschools.net. - prx15.cn1.myschools.net.