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Yoruba Wikimedians User Group/Internet support program

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The Internet Support Program is a microgrant program designed by the Yoruba Wikimedians User Group to support contributors to Yoruba Wikipedia's access to the internet. Access to the internet is a major barrier for contributors from Africa, and this has impacted their contributions to Wikimedia projects such as the Yoruba Wikipedia. According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), only 28.2% of the African population had access to the internet. This is due to a lack of affordability. Internet costs are expensive in Africa, and due to the high inflation rate in Nigeria, many volunteers cannot contribute to the Yoruba Wikipedia because they cannot afford to pay for internet data. In a survey conducted by the Yoruba Wikimedians User Group in 2022, it was evident that internet access remains one of the biggest challenges facing contributors. This program is designed to cushion the barriers to accessing the internet.

Groups or individual members of the Yoruba Wikimedia community may apply for this grant to support contributions to the Yoruba Wikipedia and related projects. The maximum amount we fund for individuals is NGN 10,000 and NGN 20,000 for groups per month.

The application will open on April 1, 2023, and run until April 30, 2024. Applications may be submitted from the 15th to the 25th of every month. For further information, please email info@wikimediayo.org.

Eligibility criteria[edit]

Specific Criteria[edit]

  • All requests between NGN 10,000 and NGN 20,000 will be considered.
  • Individuals, groups, and organizations may apply provided their programs and activities impact directly on the Yoruba Wikipedia. For example, data to contribute articles to the Yoruba Wikipedia
  • The data support must have an impact on Yoruba Wikipedia.
  • Individuals, groups, and organizations are limited to one open grant at any given time. This also applies to Yoruba Wiki fan clubs, university clubs, planned user groups, etc.
  • Grant requests and reports must be submitted in Yoruba or English.
  • Grants can only be for 1 month in length, and there is no minimum length.

Basic Criteria[edit]

The following are basic criteria that must be met by all applicants.

  • Proposals should support contributions to Yoruba Wikipedia directly.
  • Projects aimed at improving other language Wikipedias such as English, Igbo, Hausa, etc. are not eligible for funding.

The applicant must adhere to the Universal Code of Conduct and Friendly Space Policies.

  • Applicants must be in compliance with all requirements and in good standing for any current activities funded through the Wikimedia Foundation.

Applications must be for future, planned work or contributions.

  • Applicants receiving funding must not be WMF, Wikimedia User Group Nigeria staff members, or contractors working more than part time (more than 20 hours per week).

Application Process[edit]

Applications will be submitted here on Meta Wiki monthly from the 1st to the 15th. After submission, the application will be processed with the following steps:

  • Review and feedback on proposals (3 days)
  • The applicant receives and responds to questions and comments relating to the grant request (3 days).
  • The applicant makes any necessary changes to their proposal (3 days).
  • Approvals and disbursement (4 days)

Examples of what we provide data support for[edit]

  • Individuals interested in contributing a significant number of articles to Yoruba Wikipedia
  • Groups coordinating events that directly impact the Yoruba Wikipedia
  • Groups contributing to the Yoruba Wikipedia

How to Apply[edit]

  • Read about how the program works and ensure that your request meet the criteria for support.
  • Grant applications are accepted in Yoruba and English language only.

Submit your application[edit]