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Zero local media files

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Some Wikimedia projects have zero local media files.

Implications for projects[edit]

Zero local media files is a fact that is easily controlled and communicated. It implies:

  • 100% free content, absence of non-free content
  • adherence to the wmf:Resolution:Licensing policy
  • any media files that are used are hosted at Wikimedia Commons, encouraging the upload there
  • in case it is permanent
    • no need for an Exemption Doctrine Policy (EDP)
    • no need for MediaWiki:Licenses
    • no need for "soft-disabled" upload, and avoidance of any copyvio by a local admin
    • easier sharing of content between projects, e.g. copy tables, galleries, infoboxes - the included file names are still usable
    • managing files via Wikidata-properties, as Wikidata properties only allows file references to Commons


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