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Internet-group-chat.svg Ask questions and discuss program evaluation

Welcome to the Evaluation Portal, a hub for information on how to design effective projects and demonstrate impact.

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The latest in Wikimedia Evaluation…
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A recent question
I can not understand the rationale for having participants in a course/event/edit-a-thon to fill a form to opt-in in Wikimetrics. In principle I could get any set of random user names from the histor...
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A new case study!
This ongoing evaluation currently reports data on 119 implementations of seven popular programs implemented by more than 60 program leader’s implementing these programs in over 30 different countries.
Round I of Reporting completed 13 April 2014
recent activity...

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Varnent endorsed a learning pattern:

Gender identity

Last activity: 14 May 2014

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ProtoplasmaKid endorsed a learning pattern:

Photographic evidence

Last activity: 12 May 2014

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Janstee endorsed a learning pattern:

Creating new articles

Last activity: 08 May 2014