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Internet-group-chat.svg Ask questions and discuss program evaluation

Welcome to the Evaluation Portal, a hub for information on how to design effective projects and demonstrate impact.

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The latest in Wikimedia Evaluation…
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A recent question
I can not understand the rationale for having participants in a course/event/edit-a-thon to fill a form to opt-in in Wikimetrics. In principle I could get any set of random user names from the histor...
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A new module!
The new Program Evaluation Learning Modules page will be a collection of all introductory trainings for evaluation of Wikimedia programs. These modules are for anyone is working on a Wikimedia-based p...
2 October 2013
recent activity...

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Varnent endorsed a learning pattern:

Gender identity

Last activity: 14 May 2014

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ProtoplasmaKid endorsed a learning pattern:

Photographic evidence

Last activity: 12 May 2014

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Janstee endorsed a learning pattern:

Creating new articles

Last activity: 08 May 2014