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This is my home page for all wikis.

I already have a pretty extensive web at, so jump there to get to know me. I started dabbling with blogging (, and I describe how the 'pedia fits in at (Summary: I believe Wikipedia is the most important blogging tool that exists.) You can see what is presently interesting to me on the Web by visiting I share some pictures at Flickr and older ones at Multiply and Yahoo.

You can send private email to me at I subscribe to Wikipedia-L but don't read it.

Status as of 2011-01-29[edit]

Status as of 2007-06-21[edit]

Old Stuff[edit]

2006-03-17 I just created an account at

I was hanging out at the Debian wiki but nothing new in about a year.

I used to wonder what Wikipedians thought about intellectual elitism.

I had an idea for Wikipedia configuration management a while ago.

I still wonder about the value of encyclopedic knowledge.

I got an insight into Why OpenCourseWare matters.

my all-purpose wish list

my Wish List

You may also want to visit, my original wiki home page.


"I was thinking of us calling it the metapedia, but I think the URL should be Keep it close to 'home'." [1]