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Regarding Privacy policy[edit]

Can someone fix the FAQ link in the "Our Response to Do Not Track (DNT) signals" section? Thanks. --NeilN (talk) 23:04, 3 December 2014 (UTC)

Yes check.svg Done --Steinsplitter (talk) 07:57, 4 December 2014 (UTC)
Thanks. --NeilN (talk) 23:32, 4 December 2014 (UTC)


I value Wikipedia, but I will not donate until you desist in derogatory comments about naturopathic medicine and integrative medicine. You must allow licensed naturopathic doctors to give feedback, and block the self-appointed and self-righteous so-called "quackbusters" from spreading their filth. They have no right to slander reputable doctors such as myself, who are fully regulated. There are places where "naturopathy" is unregulated, but members of AANP in the USA or CAND in Canada are licensed, regulated, carry malpractice insurance, must have yearly continuing medical education, and have a legal right to treat illness with natural medicines. I am a duly licensed primary care naturopathic physician, able to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs as well as non-drugs (natural drugs), order labs, etc. Am I a quack to you when I prescribe antibiotics or steroids, or only when I use natural medicines? I think I have the training and the right to choose which to use with a given patient. I have on my website an article with hundreds of scientific references in support of the claims I make and the therapies I prescribe. I worked for years in cancer research (radiation therapies and radiosensitizing drugs). I continue to publish peer-reviewed articles. I do not need catechism in science from anyone. I do not tolerate the kind of trash Wikipedia is propagating on this subject, despite many requests from our physicians. So smarten up, and I will consider supporting you. Dr. Neil McKinney, BSC, ND


I would like to make a small donation but am not comfortable with all the information you ask for.[edit]


I think it's time to change the design of Wikipedia. You have the same design for years now. I found some design made by some artist and they are amazing :

Thank you

Regarding Tax Deductibility/en[edit]

Mere status as a 501(c)(3) does not result in full tax deductibility of a donation. Wikiemedia's classification as a "public charity" does justify a deduction. Check with your tax attorney. (Your organization, if any, should get this right.)


I just made a donation in response to your...I thought...reasonable appeal considering help I've gotten in the past. Then I put the words, Kalevala , Jan Sibelius, and Lemminkainen in the search box. I couldn't believe it! you came up with nothing. Something has happened to you.

Where did you put those words in to the search box? On or on Wikipedia? At least the pages exist on Wikipedia. --Stryn (talk) 00:00, 6 December 2014 (UTC)[edit]

You want to raise money? I would purchase a USB Flash drive with offline Wikipedia on it... If you have this for sale I can't find it. If you create this it would be simple income to press copy on USB Duplicator... Even better would be a one click Update function included.... (and the whole world would be backing up your database). Your cost per 16Gb USB drive $6. Sell for $19, or $29... (Yes I can do this manually, but I would Pay not to, and to participate in supporting you....)


I want send money by check only. I don't trust credit cards. What can I do.



I use your service all the time. I am pleased to have donated. Thanks,

Phillip Evans

Regarding Talk:Matching Gifts[edit]

The link for google ( appears to be outdated, it gives me "You landed here since we were unable to resolve your destination". The working link is


i want to send you a donation of 20 €, but i need to know your i-ban - i never give my credit card numbers - thanks

silvio bonetti . italy -


I am really sorry for lot of mistakes,very exhausted trying understand of all my documents translating word by word for many years.This time i already understand the status of what i was refering before about my husband,my kids and my self.I really want to illustrate all vocally since my head,brain and eyes are totally blocked and i am not expert using this hightech windows mixing and making me dizzy.I can make my story with strong materials thru writing and typing out of this technology .I am sorry to dissapoint everyone.Thank you


I have wanted to help but have never seen the options. We are elderly and do cash or check. you need to emphasize this option.


How do I go from this page, which is now "full page" to the Wikipedia page where I can get some information. I seem to be frozen on these other pages.

Ed Klein ( I am not sure whether I have an account or not. I had great trouble trying to log in. Can you help?


I love the premise of this site. It reminds me of what the original universities of the world had accomplished. The great libraries of China, Egypt and Syria before the invention of the idea that a person had to earn a degree to be considered intelligent and educated enough to be seen by the world as a professional in their field of study. This site, so long as the information is accurate, allows folks not only the ability to educate but to transcend the insane idea that once you've learned a prescribed course of study you're good to go. If your brain surgeon earned his degree in the 70's and chose to not further educate, would you knowingly still let him operate on you. I wouldn't. Education is a life long endeavor.[edit]



Everyone else on the internet accepts my credit card. Amazon, foreign airlines and hotels, US outdoor shops. But the card is rejected trying to donate to Wikipedia (twice now, several tries on the first occasion). There's something wrong with the organization collecting donations.

Regarding Template:Contribute[edit]

Why is there no link, indeed hardly any mention, to Wikipedia, the famous and useful entity which might move one to cotribute to Wikimedia? - Unified accounts?[edit]

I have unified my accounts, but still it does not let me log into the Wikimedia Foundation website ( Is this a bug? THere does not seem to be an option to create a login for that website, and in any event, I would prefer to have it unified with all the other wikimedia sites I use.


Username "Jim Sowers"


I find your service useful and use it frequently. I have Time Warner and they charge me $75.00 a month for internet access get the money from them.


I was about to donate when I read that my personal information would be shared. I don't wish to share my personal information but would like to donate.It would be nice if you would add that option. I am an older, private person who resents the assumed sharing of information on the net. NO PRIVACY, NO DONATION.[edit]

lo que Uds. tienen escrito COMO PAN DE PASCUA ES UN normal queque con frutas confitadas . es lamentable como le cambian la cultura al pueblo Chileno y lo declaran aun como criollo.


While everything on earth can always stand room for improvement, Wiki is a wonderful, successful and generous idea and entity, always there for all to share knowledge. What more could we wish for?!


I will NOT be donating, every time you nag me which is every time I use it only confirms that more.

I have spoken to your own foundation members, people like Mitch Kapor who have long told you that you need to take sponsorship and advertising to fund your site.

Those who do not want the ads can put their hands in their pockets themselves.

It does not have to be too obtrusive.

As it is when I Google stuff now I am starting to choose non-wikipedia sites and that is the beginning of the end.

So stop nagging me with your donation rubbish blocking content, just put a simple small donate button at the top right.


Please post this for every visitor to this site to see by your request for funding.. I will be pleased to hopefully help.

Dear Wikimedia visitor..

Are you tired of receiving messages asking for donations? I am and I did give; five times the $3 request asked for from each visitor to this site. If you are annoyed by the request of financial "support" to this organization, can you imagine what it will be like with pop-ups and ads necessary to maintain the future of Wikimedia, if you do not give the minimal of $3 each?

Please, please, I implore you to reconsider and donate just $3 each, for the pleasure and ease of enjoying the information provided by Wikimedia WITHOUT ads!

Happy holidays and blessings to all. Let us enjoy this site in 2015 without ads and pop-ups!

L. Dreischalick Visitor and User of this wonderful site.[edit]

To Whom it may Concern:

I would love to give a donation to this fine service. However, back in the early days of the formation of Wikipedia, I noticed a man on TV advertising this website. I remember him saying the only people who contribute to this website are "let's face it, rich white men." I take issue with this statement and because of it I will not donate. Ask the rich white men.


Julie Freter

Regarding Category talk:Problems donating[edit]

The donation form will not recognize my email address. The email address I submit is correct.

Regarding Talk:Thank You/en[edit]

I wish I could donate more to wikipedia.

What a fine line we walk between fact and subjective nonsense. I would like to thank everyone that does their part with sharing fact/interpretation, which is the catalyst for informing society, the best we can. I fully support disseminating information to the masses.

I wish we do the future a service.

Humble beginnings, RJ[edit]

I took the time to donate to wikipedia using paypal. I'd be way less annoyed in the process if it returned me to wikipedia where your banner ad found me in the first place rather than landing me in wikimediafoundation.

Regarding Category talk:English[edit]

I found a very old interesting postcard. At the top it said Marruecos Tipico so I googled it to see where that is but all the information was in Arabic or French with some very complicated way to get it translated to English which I never did manage to do. Couldn't it be a little easier please?

Regarding Problems donating[edit]

Your donation form does not clearly allow one to designate whether the amount given is "one time" or "monthly". I gave up!

When I attempted to give about a week ago, your donation form had had another source of confusion and I could not correctly complete the form.

I worked in aircraft design and specification some years ago. Ambiguity in specification and details can cause planes to crash. (Lack of clarity can also lead to "human error" problems.)

Best of luck


Dear Wikipedia, I would like to donate but don't want to supply my email address. Perhaps you could look at removing this requirement?

Regarding Talk:Geoff Cloke[edit]

Geoff Cloke is an English Composer. He is currently primarily known for his free school songs published on Youtube and for his Brass Arrangements which have been performed on the BBC and in Washington DC. His compositions have been performed in Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Norwich and Bangor. He has had music performed by the Het Trio, Devon Brass Ensemble and orchestras in Edinburgh and Bangor. Geoff studied composition with John Pickard, John Harper, Geoff Lewis and George Nicholson


I would be happy to donate but cannot do so without supplying you with my email address, which I do NOT want to do. Shame.

Regarding Thank You/en[edit]

Please add a "RETURN" button at the bottom of your Thank You page that will take you back to the original inquiry page you were on prior to making the donation......... It would save having to re-enter the inquiry. THANX.


I noticed the request for funds front and center on the wiki page and since I use wiki a lot I would like to donate. I just wish the notice explicitly said that donors email address\contact info wont be given out or sold to other fund raisers. i sometimes donate to worthy causes and then the next day get requests from several other organization looking for money.

Hello, Donor Privacy Policy of Wikimedia Foundation has information what you are looking for. Thanks, — Revi 16:28, 30 December 2014 (UTC)

Je suis Charlie[edit]

I suggest to post a global MediaWiki:sitenotice like b:de:MediaWiki:sitenotice. WMF should publish a comment to defend the freedom of word. Thank you! -- Juetho (talk) 07:16, 9 January 2015 (UTC)

Regarding Template:![edit]

Unused and can be deleted.--GZWDer (talk) 05:44, 12 January 2015 (UTC)

Regarding Nuestros proyectos[edit]

Estoy viendo un error de tipeo, aquí :

MediaWiki es una plataformaa wiki liberada bajo la licencia GPL. El software MediaWiki es usado por todos los proyectos Wikimedia y muchos otros sitios.

"plataformaa" debe escribirse "plataforma".

Gracias. Lo corregí Killiondude (talk) 00:27, 21 January 2015 (UTC)

Regarding Privacy policy[edit]

i'm called fran street reguarding privacy you might be one in a hundred that reguards privacy policy sanctumont but for the rest they can not be in anyway, trusted and i speak from experience on what the so called top browser sites are doing to the present day i have a spare server and will be turning it into a complaints machine because most of the sites say they want to make the internet better. They forgot to tell you it was better for themselves. why have you not done this, webuser told the truth why can't others. i don't except you to print this but we will see what side you are on truth or fraud.


I am trying to make a Donation. The system will not allow me to do so because I cannot enter a 'State' reason being that I am outside the available listings as I am in Australia. I see no alternative which allows me to enter MY State therefore I cannot make my Donation.

If you can fix this, then I am most willing to Donate.

Kind regards.

Regarding Wikipedia[edit]

Why is this forum represented to be "open" and "public" when anytime a user edits a story, it is reverted to the views that the biased "Wikipedia" editors want it to say. Complete unabashed hypocrisy, and then they waste your time begging for donations. What a sham.

Regarding Press room[edit]

Is it December 2015 already? Shii (talk) 04:46, 27 January 2015 (UTC)

Fixed --Steinsplitter (talk) 17:39, 28 January 2015 (UTC)



Regarding Annual Report 2014[edit]

Some typos:

  • Netha Hussain: "lectures and and checking" -> "lectures and checking"
  • Ram Prasad Joshi: "the an image" -> "an image"

--Nux (talk) 00:53, 30 January 2015 (UTC)