Fundraising 2011/Wrap up tasks

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Priority legend[edit]

Priority options Numeric value
Urgent 4
High 3
Medium 2
Low 1
Deferred 0

Production Coordinators Priorities (All PCs)[edit]

Priority Task Owner Card Number
4 Screenshots of Final Jimmy Set up -creating links and running screenshot script Charles/PeterG 1
4 Fix Sidebar Links James 2
4 Get creative timeline for Chapters Seddon and PeterC 3
2 Standardize links on LP1 and 2- Tax deductability and layout PeterC 4
4 Review pages and add any outstanding translation requests (including bringing DD transaltions into foundationwiki) Jon 5
1 Clean up Central Notice 6
1 Documentation PC stuff is done, still some stuff from others to be added Everyone 7
1 Clean up Donatewiki code Peter C and Charles 8
1 Clean up code on banner and create banner templates Seddon 9
1 Bring Jimmy 002 back on 'Appeal-default' Jon 10
1 EXTRA: Implement Thank you Page "rolling quotes" Peter C 11
1 EXTRA: Population list per country Seddon 12
1 EXTRA: GDP and Wikipedia pageviews per country Peter C 13
3 Documentation on Translation systems Jon 14
1 Implement changes for 2012FR Charles 15
1 Add BT/DD messages to en thank you page Peter C 16
1 Change to Peter C 17
1 Add non-security, non-sensitive parts of Styleguide to meta Seddon 18



Completed Cards[edit]

12. List of population for all 53 Main countries (according to FR tests - up to Ukraine. We will use this list to divide the population/contribution on FR 2012 and find the highest per capital donation drivers.

Things left to do with styleguide[edit]

  • Need to add some info on Logging - Seddon