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I'm e-Goat, a.k.a. eG, egoat (IRC nick) or 電気山羊 (on jawiki; Japanese Kanji for Electric goat). I've joined Wikimedia projects since January 2004. Recently I've also been working on the Japanese Wiktionary mainly. I'm a bureaucrat on Wiktionary and Wikibooks in Japanese (see sulutil), and an ex-sysop of the Japanese Wikipedia. I'm a native Japanese speaker, and not so fluently but I can communicate in English.

Sometimes I've been translating some English documents into Japanese here or somewhere else. My English is not good enough to write, but sufficient to translate. I always appreciate your correction of my English mistakes.

Baa baa,

Capra ex machina

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Subpages on meta; Wikimedia projects: (local) (alt 1, 2), ja.wikt, en.wikt, ja.books; (meta/para) mediawiki, strategy, translate; and more; Outer projects: ja.wikitravel, ja.uncyclopedia, OmegaWiki, Openfact and Wikia.


   白日依山盡  The sun beyond the mountains glows,
   黄河入海流  The Yellow River seawards flows.
   欲窮千里目  You can enjoy a grander sight,
   更上一層楼  By climbing to a greater height.

This is a Chinese poem by 王之渙 (688AD-742AD). Translated by Professor 许渊冲.

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