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Synchbot synchronises user pages across Wikimedia projects in every language. This lets you create user pages on every wiki, or to have global JavaScript and CSS (see an example global.js and a local common.js importing it). To request global CSS/JS/user pages, see How do I make a request?. (See previous requests.)



request on hold:
Hym411 (stalktoy · activity · previous requests)
  • go to User:Hym411 on every wiki (except on kowiki, kowikinews, wikidata, dewiki, enwiki, commons, meta, enwikinews, enwikivoyage, incubator,
  • and replace the text with
    __NOINDEX__<div class="mw-content-ltr" lang="en" dir="ltr">{{#babel:ko|en-3|{{subst:#switch:{{subst:CONTENTLANGUAGE}}|en|ko=|{{subst:CONTENTLANGUAGE}}-0}}}} [[File:Revi wikimedia image.jpg|thumb|center|middle|If you are here to say about CommonsDelinker edits of removing deleted image, please go to [[:c:User talk:Hym411|here]].]]
    Hello! I am [[:m:User:Hym411|Revi]]. I edit for [[m:SWMT|revert vandals]] or Wikidata stuff (I am Wikidata Admin! <small>([// Verify])</small>) or [[:c:COM:FR|Commons Filemoving stuff]] (I am Commons Admin too! <small>([// Verify])</small>). Come to [[:m:User:Hym411|my meta userpage]] or [[:c:User:Hym411|Commons userpage]] for more information. Thank you.</div>

require_user = 'Hym411' subpage = skip = ['kowiki', 'kowikinews', 'wikidata', 'dewiki', 'enwiki', 'commons', 'meta', 'enwikinews', 'enwikivoyage', 'incubator', ''] mode_exist = REPLACE set_text = lambda bot: """..."""

Note: [[c:]] is interwiki prefix to Commons, and if possible, please edit on *.wikimedia wikis like outreach or chapter wikis. Revicomplaint? 08:01, 19 August 2014 (UTC)

Hi Revi. The special *.wikimedia wikis are normally skipped because they have conflicting editing policies (many are fishbowl wikis) and because most contributors will never edit there. If you can give me a list of *.wikimedia wikis where you'd like the bot to edit, I can add those for you. —Pathoschild 11:32, 19 August 2014 (UTC)
ar, bd, be, br, dk, et, fi, mk, mx, nl, no, nyc, outreach, pl, ru, se, test, test2, testwikidata, tr, ua, wikimania2014 and wikimania2015. test, test2, testwikidata are not wikis, but I want these to be included. Everything else is * Revicomplaint? 07:49, 20 August 2014 (UTC)


How do I make a request?[edit]

Follow these steps to ask for global CSS/JS/user pages. There's no waiting time or approval process; your request will be handled soon!

  1. Before requesting, make sure you:
  2. Copy this template into a new section:
     |user          = 
     |action        = replace
     |title         = 
     |text          = 
     |skip wikis    = 
     |skip existing = yes
     |status        = <!-- don't change this line -->
  3. Fill in the template values:
    Your user account name.
    What you want the bot to do:
    • replace the existing text with the new text,
    • prepend (insert the new text at the top of the page),
    • append (insert the new text at the bottom of the page),
    • or delete the page.
    The title of the page you want edited on every wiki. The recommended values are "User:username" for global user pages, "User:username/common.js" for global JavaScript, or "User:username/common.css" for global CSS.
    The text you want placed on the edited pages.
    • For a user page, use something simple and informative. Most people provide a few sentences about themselves with a link to their main user page. A few guidelines:
      • don't add categories or templates, because they probably don't exist on most wikis;
      • prefix all interwiki links with "m:" so they will work on all wikis (like [[m:w:fr:Article]] instead of [[w:fr:Article]]).
    • For global JavaScript, use mw.loader.load('//');
    • For global CSS, use @import "//";
    skip wikis
    A list of wikis to skip (in addition to auto-skipped wikis). You can use a wildcard (like pt.* to skip all Portuguese wikis).
    skip existing
    Whether to skip pages that already exist.
  4. Watch this page in case I have questions. Otherwise it will be done soon! :)

Which wikis are edited?[edit]

The bot edits open content wikis in every language where your account is registered (but not specialized wikis like or test wikis). This includes mediawiki, *.wikibooks, *.wikinews, wikidata, *.wikipedia, *.wikiquote, commons.wikimedia, incubator.wikimedia, meta.wikimedia, *.wikisource, *.wikiversity, *.wikivoyage, and *.wiktionary. The following wikis have restrictions:

wikis edits deletions  
*.wikimedia skipped skipped Wikimedia wikis (except those listed above) are skipped. Specific wikis can be included on request.
ar.wikipedia yes skipped No deletions by request.
fr.wiktionary yes skipped No deletions by request.

Can the bot delete pages?[edit]

The bot can delete your CSS and JavaScript subpages, but not your primary user or talk pages due to policy on several wikis.

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