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Cameras for Commons photographers

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Provide a limited number of high quality compact or entry level DSLR cameras to Commons contributors who cannot afford them.

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created on: 05:55, 15 July 2013

Project idea[edit]

On Commons there are some contributors who create valuable images that would be of higher quality if they had better cameras. I have noticed this issue especially with contributions from photographers who live in less prosperous parts of the world. To encourage them to continue contributing to Commons and to increase the quality of the contributions that they can provide, I propose a grant program, "Cameras for Commons photographers", that will grant one high quality compact camera or one entry level DSLR camera on a quarterly basis to a Commons contributor who has a good track record and who cannot reasonably afford a better camera. The selection will be made by the Commons community.

When the camera is available each quarter an announcement will be made at Commons:Equipment exchange, nominations can be made, and the Commons community will vote on who gets the camera for that quarter. The choice of camera will be discussed between the grantee and the Wikimedia Foundation. Generally the camera will be in the US$300-$600 price range.

Conditions of the grant include

  1. All images taken with the camera for Commons will be uploaded at the highest size and quality available.
  2. Grantees promise to continue to contribute to Commons for at least six more months or to return the camera to WMF for a giveaway in a future quarter if the grantee's circumstances change.
  3. All photos uploaded to Commons must be uploaded with a CC-BY license.
  4. Grantees must have been active on Commons or another Wikimedia project for each of the previous six months before they apply for a camera grant. Someone who is active for a year then becomes inactive for a month must become active again for six months before applying for a camera grant.

If grants are awarded quarterly for an entire year I believe that the total annual cost of this program to WMF will be in the range of $1200-$2500. This is a relatively low cost program and I think it will be welcomed enthusiastically by the Commons community. In addition to benefiting Commons, it will indirectly benefit other Wikimedia projects that reuse Commons photographs.

Project goals[edit]

The quality, and hopefully the number, of photographs contributed to Commons from less prosperous parts of the world will increase.

Project plan[edit]


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