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Achtung.svg Unless otherwise stated, any edit to Wikimedia projects by me is an act of a regular member of the community and administrator, not a legal or official action of the Deputy Director of the Wikimedia Foundation.
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My name is Erik Möller. I am the current Deputy Director and VP of Engineering and Product Development of the Wikimedia Foundation in San Francisco (since January 2008). Prior to that, I was a Wikipedia/Wikimedia volunteer in various roles starting in December 2001, including a member of the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees (2006-2007). Before working for Wikimedia, I made a living as a journalist and author, public speaker, software engineer, and technology project manager. I have long been involved in online communities and the evolving free culture sphere.

What I do

I lead the engineering/product department. This translates to working with the engineering/product management team to help our engineers, designers, product managers, QA team, community liaisons, researchers, analysts, technicians, and other staffers to do great things, chiefly:

  • keeping our sites and services running reliably, efficiently and securely,
  • supporting the MediaWiki platform and community, including with data analytics
  • making transformative changes to the user experience for all of Wikimedia's offerings, in service to our mission.

You can read more about what we've been up to in our latest reports.

I'm proud to be working with a really great team. Beyond many volunteer opportunities (how to become a MediaWiki hacker), we're always looking for help, so if you're competent, passionate about what we do and not an asshole, do consider applying.

I'm also Lila's deputy. The deputy role used to be my primary focus from 2008-2011, but nowadays it means that I occasionally get to do some additional chores when she's traveling. ;-)

What I believe

My personal beliefs are subject to change, but broadly speaking, I am a socially liberal secular humanist and an optimist. I believe that effective collaboration is essential to the growth and survival of our species, and hope to learn and share ideas about collaboration through my work. I have concluded that certain memes (ideas) are destructive to society, including: the idea that strong intellectual monopoly rights are required to develop a rich and expressive culture, the idea that abortion is murder, the idea that physical pleasure and affection is an inherently dangerous or corrupting influence, and virtually any totalitarian/dogmatic belief system. I consider myself highly pragmatic about the present, and highly aspirational about the future.

Symbols I identify with include the "happy human" HumanismSymbol.svg, an international symbol of secular humanism, and the "Eye of Sauron" Definition of Free Cultural Works logo notext.svg, the logo of the Definition for Free Cultural Works.