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I support Cippalusi ;-)


Frieda, italian, chair of Wikimedia Italia (Jun 2005 - Sep 2007), member of the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation (Jul 2007 - Sep 2008) and again chair of Wikimedia Italia (Sep 2008 - Feb 2014).
In the past I was also member of Chapter Council Steering Committee and Special projects committee.

2007 Bord Elections[edit]


I have been involved in Wikipedia and other WMF projects since May 2003, being the first admin on In June 2005 I was one of the founders of Wikimedia Italia and the first president (still in the role). I'm bureaucrat on,, it.source and it.wikt. I'm a (not very active) member of the Special Projects Committee, an OTRS admin and press contact for I've some basic points and ideas:

  • WM projects must remain free and open
  • we have to share knowledge
  • WMF is a world wide organization
  • our communities are both precious and different
  • as a chapter member I see every day which are WMF problems: for instance, internal and external communication, clearness on which is the purpose of chapters, relationship with communities, donations and donors follow-up...
  • according to my experience, sharing free knowledge requires that you have something to share, and it's not so obvious: the world is full of unknown knowledge. A first step is to recognize this knowledge and making it accessible.
  • I'm convinced that WMF should invest in promoting and allowing further improvement of its own projects other than Wikipedia, especially in creating and growing these projects in disadvantaged areas, for instance Africa.
  • WMF has got an enormous potential, still used only in part. Until and unless WMF doesn't have a well defined structure, and an organization chart that includes the Board, the Communities and the Chapters, it will be difficult to handle.
  • Chapters are essential to the Foundation and they have to be properly used and strongly supported.


I'm Frieda.
Usually I'm on time, but I arrived late and in hurry with my nomination and here too..
Months ago I was thinking about this election and I decided not to candidate myself this year because few people know me and Wikimedia Italia still needs (I think) my help.
But Saturday afternoon I was reading and discussing the other candidates' statements with other wikimedians and I found many ideas that I cannot agree with, therefore I wrote my statement.
I want to underline, among the rest, two points:

  1. every Wikimedia project is equally important
  2. Chapters are essential to WMF

You can find my full statement and Q&A on meta. I'm sorry in advance if my answers are too pithy :-)

It's me

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  • email: ubifrieda presso gmail punto com
  • Google Talk: ubifrieda presso gmail punto com
  • skype: ubifrieda

Sometime I'm on IRC.