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=== Agenda ===
=== Agenda ===
[PL: pl.wp meeting] - the Polish Wikipedia is having its annual working meeting in Częstochowie, Poland from September 11-13.
[PL: pl.wp meeting] - the Polish Wikipedia is having its annual working meeting in Sopot, Poland from September 11-13.
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/GDJ_2009 (pl)
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/GDJ_2009 (pl)

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An independent internal news bulletin 
for the members of the Wikimedia community


=== Technical news ===

[Full downtime] - All Wikimedia's services (sites, mailing lists, etc.) were down on July 31 at 12:00 (UTC) to allow the primary router at the Tampa hosting facility to be rebooted.

[SysAdminDay] - System Administration Appreciation Day was held on July 31st, it's the day where you appreciate and thank all the systems administrators who make your lives easier!

=== Request for help ===

[WikimediaMobile] - Wikimedia Mobile, the mobile interface for Wikipedia, has started accepting translations on betawiki.  Help is greatly appreciated in localizing it for your local Wikipedia.

[Flickr tool maintainers] - Bryan Tong Minh posted a request for co-maintainers for his flickr tools on the toolserver.  The bots are written in Python and use the mwclient library to edit and upload.

=== Proposals ===

[Strategic Proposals (Call)] - the Strategic Planning team has sent out a call for proposals. They'd like to encourage people to put their ideas into proposals for what the Wikimedia movement should be doing over the next five years.  What's more is that you can write it in the language of your choice. 

=== Policy ===

=== Foundation ===

[Guidestar] - the Wikimedia Foundation has finally got a profile on GuideStar, one of the largest American databases for non-profits.  Be sure to visit the profile and write a review!
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GuideStar -- article on the site

[Usability: Babaco] - the Usability team is preparing for its next release and has some new designs and ideas that need feedback from users, community members, and interested parties.
http://blog.wikimedia.org/2009/07/29/the-abcs-of-usability/ -- blog post
http://usability.wikimedia.org/wiki/Babaco_Designs -- designs

[Transcom newsletter] - the Translation committee (the people whose job it is to coordinate translations of Wikimedia Foundation-related items) has released its newsletter, which is a summary of open requests.  If you speak another language, please look and see if there's anywhere that you can help out!

[LSS: foundation-l] - a new list summary of foundation-l posts between July 16-31 has been published.  Phoebe has also posted a request for help, reminding others that she's not the only one who can do it and there are other lists that could be summarized too!
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/LSS -- main LSS page

* would be good to give updated #of vote maybe? https://twitter.com/philippewiki/status/3108912148

=== Legal ===

[EFF+NPG update] - Another update on the National Portrait Gallery legal issue, the Electronic Frontier Foundation lawyer, Fred von Lohmann, has posted a legal analysis of the situation.

=== Agenda ===

[PL: pl.wp meeting] - the Polish Wikipedia is having its annual working meeting in Sopot, Poland from September 11-13.
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/GDJ_2009 (pl)

[SE: Book Fair] - Wikimedia Sweden will have a booth at the largest book fair in Scandanavia with 100,000+ attendees.  The fair will be September 24-27, 2009.
http://se.wikimedia.org/wiki/Projekt:Bok_och_Biblioteksmässan_2009 -- WMSE's page about the booth (sv)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gothenburg_Book_Fair -- enwp article about the fair

[JP: Conference] - Wikimedia Conference Japan has opened up its official website and has finalized its details: November 22 at Tokyo University!
http://www.wcj2009.info/ (ja)
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Conference_Japan/en -- summary on Meta (en)

[BE: Fosdem] - FOSDEM, the FOSS conference, has announced the dates for its 2010 conference: February 6-7, 2010

=== Community ===

[Wiki-Conference NY] - Archive.org is hosting a few videos of the proceedings at Wiki-Conference New York, so far Jimmy Wales's keynote and Cary Bass's OTRS presentation have been published but more will come soon.

* http://blog.wikimedia.de/2009/07/31/1-bericht-aus-der-geschaftsstelle-juli-2009/
* #wikimedia-irc-meetings write-up http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/IRC/Group_Contacts/Meetings/August_2009
* http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Best_practices_documentation_team
* [WikiEN-l] In development--BLP task force

=== Awards ===

=== Media ===
* glamwiki
** glamwiki presser? http://wikimedia.org.au/w/images/b/ba/GLAM_WIKI_-_Media_Release.pdf
** wikisignpost: RT @wikihowl: "Wikimedia event seeks to open up Australian culture" - Computerworld - http://htxt.it/YcIm
** http://www.itwire.com/content/view/26683/1231/
** https://twitter.com/#search?q=%23GLAM-WIKI
* https://twitter.com/Wittylama/status/3102455466 / [Wikimediaau-l] Wikimedia, judges and strippers
* jay on bbc: https://twitter.com/jansonw/status/3110084537
* wikisignpost: Thoughtful blog post: "Contributing to Wikipedia as a paleontologist/ geoscientist" http://triassiccritters.blogspot.com/2009/08/contributing-to-wikipedia-as.html
* experts obligated to contribute? http://blog.k1v1n.com/2009/08/if-tree-falls-in-forest-part-1.html

=== Stats ===
[comScore: down to #5] - Facebook is now the 4th largest site in the world and has pushed the Wikimedia Foundation down to the 5th largest web property.

[African Wikipedias] - Swahili Wikipedia "has raced ahead with great momentum" and surpassed Afrikaans as largest African Wikipedia by number of articles.  There's also stats about the other African Wikipedias and sister projects.
http://www.greenman.co.za/blog/?p=614 -- blog post
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Languages_of_Africa -- African languages

[Wikipedias] - the Spanish Wikipedia has reached 500,000 articles, the Lithuanian Wikipedia has reached 90,000, and the Latin Wikipedia reached 30,000 articles with "Magninovilla".

=== Other news ===

[wikiHow+MediaWiki] - wikiHow showcased an interesting article (on its twitter feed) about how to make a MediaWiki skin, worth a read if you're ever in the need for a new skin. :-)

* http://techblog.wikimedia.org/2009/08/amusing-mobile-feedback/ maybe?
* wmuk list correction
* apple rates us nc-17 http://dougpete.wordpress.com/2009/08/01/covering-your-click/

=== Was ist das? ===

=== Did you know ... ===

=== Quote ===

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