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List of Wikimedia Conferences and Events

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In the Wikimedia movement, there are many events happening all around the world. This page records major events that happened in the past. Information about upcoming events can usually be found at events calendar, Diff calendar or {{Main Page/WM News}}.

You may also want to check other international calendars of free culture events, such as the foss.events, FSFE events calendar and LWN CfP calendar.

Global conferences[edit]


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Wikimedia Conference/Summit[edit]

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MediaWiki events[edit]

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GLAM conferences[edit]

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Wikimedia+Education/EduWiki conferences[edit]

Wikimedia Diversity Conferences[edit]


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Research events[edit]

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Regional conferences[edit]

WikiIndaba conferences[edit]

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WikiConference North America[edit]


Main article: German WikiCon

Ibero-American Wikimedia Summit (Iberoconf)[edit]

Main article: Iberocoop:Iberoconf

WikiConvention francophone[edit]

Italian WikiCon[edit]

Main article: ItWikiCon

WikiConference India[edit]

Main article: WikiConference India

Wikimedia CEE Meeting[edit]

Main article: Wikimedia CEE Meeting

ESEAP Conference & Strategy Summit[edit]

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National conferences[edit]









Konferencja Wikimedia Polska (Polish Wikimedia Conference)
  • 2006: April 29-May 1, 2006, Wrocław
    • 42 participants, 10 lectures, a tour in Wrocław and on Odra
  • 2007: May 1–3, 2007, Białowieża
    • 101 participants, 14 lectures, 3 workshops, 3 free journeys, 1 bonfire, general assembly and elections
  • 2008: May 22–25, 2008, Rabka-Zdrój
    • 77 participants, 12 lectures, 7 workshops, 2 discussion panels, 3 free journeys, 3 bonfires, general assembly of WMPL with elections
  • 2009: May 1–3, 2009, Jadwisin
    • 87 participants, 17 lectures, 2 workshops, 1 discussion panel, general assembly
  • 2010: March 27–29, 2010, Warsaw
    • 97 participants, 17 lectures, 2 workshops, 2 panel discussions, general assembly of WMPL members
  • 2011: March 18–20, 2011, Wrocław
    • 101 participants, 15 lectures, 1 workshop, general assembly
  • 2012: June 1–3, 2012, Łódź
    • general assembly of WMPL members incl. elections and discussions, 3 panels, 5 lectures, social events with a free tour
  • 2013: May 3–5, 2013, Kraków
    • 12 lectures/workshops, 2 panel discussions, general assembly, social events with a free tour
  • 2014: May 9–11, 2014, Poznań
    • 11 lectures/workshops, general assembly of WMPL members incl. elections and discussions, social events with a free tour
  • 2015: June 12–14, 2015, Gdańsk
  • 2016: June 3–5, 2016, Lublin
    • 13 lectures, 4 workshops/discussions, general assembly of WMPL members incl. elections and discussions, social events with a free walk
  • 2017: June 2–4, 2017, Bydgoszcz
    • 10 lectures, 2 panels, 4 workshops/discussions, general assembly of WMPL members incl. elections and discussions, social events with a free tour
  • 2018: June 8–10, 2018, Katowice
    • general assembly of WMPL members incl. elections and discussions, 77 participants
  • 2019: June 7–9, 2019, Wrocław
    • general assembly of WMPL members incl. elections and discussions, 89 participants, 19 lectures/workshops, 1 panel discussion, social events including two free guided tours
  • 2020: July 3–5, 2020, online
Zlot Zimowy (winter meeting)
  • "Christmas Wikimedia Party" 2005: 10 December 2006, Chorzów
    • around 30 participants, 3 lectures
  • Polish Wikimedia Meeting 2006 (no. 2): 16 December 2006, Chorzów
    • 20 participants, 5 lectures, one workshop
  • Polish Wikimedia Meeting 2007 (no. 3): 15–16 December 2007, Chorzów
    • ~ 30 participants, one workshop
  • Polish Wikimedia Meeting 2008 (no. 4): 13–14 December 2008, Chorzów
    • ~ 30 participants, several workshops.
  • Winter Meeting 2008 (no. 5): 15-17 January 2016, Warsaw and Mroga near Koluszki
    • 41 participants, event in Zachęta, 12 items and social events in Mroga
  • Winter Meeting 2017: 27-29 January 2017, Tworzyjanki near Koluszki
    • 31 programmatic items (presentations, workshops, discussions) + social time, 59 confirmed participants
  • Winter Meeting 2018: 12-14 January 2018, Warsaw and Mroga near Koluszki
    • preconference and unconference activities + 20 regular programmatic items, 52 participants (59 registered, 7 could not attend)
  • Winter Meeting 2019: 25-27 January 2019, Kalisz
    • preconference and unconference activities + 19 regular programmatic items, 2 lightning talk sessions, 59 participants, free guided tour of the city





United States[edit]


Wikipedia Academy[edit]

Wikipedia Academies are public outreach events, usually lasting one or two days, designed to coach academics and other subject matter experts in how to contribute to Wikipedia, as well as to encourage them to view Wikipedia as friendly. Often Wikipedia Academies are focused on encouraging contributions from a particular language or on a specific subject matter. Their purpose is to increase the quality and – to a lesser extent – quantity of articles in Wikipedia. Wikipedia Academies are normally staged as conferences, in a single location, for 80–200 people at a time. Typically, a Wikipedia Academy is organized by the local Wikimedia chapter together with a notably credible external partner organization which can provide subject matter expertise and authority. The reputation of the partner organization can help to ensure that the target group becomes interested in the event, and contact lists can be shared to maximize the impact on the target audience.

(es) GLAM Wikimedia Encounter[edit]

GLAM related International Encounter, incl. presentations, edit-a-thon, and editing workshop.

(de) Wikipedia-Forschungssymposium[edit]

National conference for scientists working on Wikipedia-related topics.

(de) Wikipedia Workshop Köln[edit]

Smaller community-event, focussing on workshops around the German Wikipedia (articles and photos).

(de) Wikipedia-Tag Dresden[edit]

Local Wikipedia event for people living at Dresden: workshops and lectures around the German Wikipedia

(nl) Wikimedia workshop[edit]

Workshop for MediaWiki sysops to learn tips and tricks from each other and broaden knowledge on Wikimedia and MediaWiki related topics. Organized by Wikimedia Nederland.

(ch) Wikipedia Day[edit]

Local Wikipedia event for people living at and around the location of the Wikipedia Day in Switzerland; presentations and discussions about Wikipedia, MediaWiki and Wikis in Education/Science/Business.

(ar) Arabic Wikipedia Day[edit]

Arabic Wikipedia days are organized for extensive editing in Arabic Wikipedia in order to increase its content. A number of articles is targeted on that day and contributors to the Arabic Wikipedia from all around the world work their best to achieve it.

  • 08/2006
  • 09/2006
  • 08/2007 Web based days
  • Fourth Arabic Wikipedia Day 08/08
  • In addition to web based contributors, the event was also organized in Cairo and Alexandria
    • In 24 hours the Arabic articles increased from 71,163 to 75,358 articles (685 new articles + 3510 Bot edit). There were more than 10,000 edits throught out the day, which is more than 2.5 times the number of edits in English Wikipedia and more than 10 times the edits on German Wikipedia on the same day. This day advanced Arabic Wikipedia to the rank 27. From the fourth day on Commons

Wikipedia Day NYC[edit]

Thematic events & projects[edit]

(de) Wikipedia Schulprojekt[edit]

Workshops to enhance the media literacy of pupils.

Hebrew Wikipedia mobile poster exhibition[edit]

An exhibition of posters explaining in Hebrew different aspects of the Wikipedia project. A joint project of the Hebrew Wikipedian Community, Wikimedia Israel (WM-IL) and the Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL). The exhibition is modeled after the Wikimedia Deutschland project: "Fünf Jahre Wikipedia - Eine Enzyklopädie erobert das Internet".

  • Placing the exhibition at the entrance hall of the Center for Educational Technology (CET) in Tel Aviv during a teacher and educator conference, 9 December 2007.
  • Placing the exihibition at the Center for Law and Technology of the Haifa University, during the CC-IL conference, Haifa, 18 December 2007.
  • Hebrew: w:he:ויקיפדיה:תערוכה
  • Gallery: commons:Category:Wikimedia Israel

Photo-Workshop in Berlin[edit]

See Foto-Workshop, Commons:Photo-Workshop Berlin 2009

"Elef Millim" project, Israel[edit]

A series of field trips to different sites in Israel. Taking pictures of interesting sites and uploading them to the Commons, enriching knowledge.

Wikipedia Takes Manhattan[edit]

A scavenger hunt and free content photography contest for New Yorkers, aimed at illustrating Wikipedia articles covering the wondrous sights on the island of Manhattan.

Wikipedia Loves Art (US, UK)[edit]

A scavenger hunt and free content photography contest at 15 cultural instituions, aimed at illustrating Wikipedia articles about art, history, science and culture.



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